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Roswell-Based Maid Services for a Sparkling Kitchen

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The kitchen is a special area of the home. It can be a place where your family gathers to make meals together, pours cups of coffee over morning conversation, or shares late-night snacks. However, if your kitchen sees heavy use on a regular basis, the accumulation of cooking residues and grime can make this area in your home less than inviting. With regular deep cleans by our maid service at Maid Right of Roswell, you can enjoy a kitchen that is always sparkling and ready for action.

Our Maid Service’s Special Clean for Your Kitchen in Roswell

While a surface clean can help keep germs and dirt build-up at bay, it’s important to frequently give your kitchen a thorough clean to avoid residual odors and the spread of illness-causing bacteria. Here’s how our professional maid service tackles kitchen cleaning for families and homeowners in the Roswell area:

  • High-dusting in hard-to-reach areas. At Maid Right of Roswell, our Cleaning Pros don’t miss a detail. We eliminate dust and cobweb build-up on your kitchen’s light fixtures and ceiling corners, giving those hard-to-reach spots some special attention.
  • Bacteria and virus neutralization. Are you worried that your kitchen countertops are harboring germs that could make your family sick? Our maid service’s whole-home disinfection system, MR Shield®, knocks out 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, leaving your kitchen countertops clean and healthy.
  • Safe, effective cleaning formulas. We don’t use harsh cleaning substances that could leave behind toxic residues in your home’s sensitive areas. Instead, our maid service prides itself on choosing safe, eco-friendly cleaning agents that fight germs and grime without risking your family’s health. For example, MR Shield®’s non-toxic formula has received the EPA’s highest rating for safety.
  • Special add-on services. If certain areas of your kitchen need detail cleaning, you can request additional services for your home’s cleaning plan. For instance, some homeowners in Roswell choose to have their oven or refrigerator drawers wiped out. These add-on services are one of the many details we will discuss during your free cleaning consultation.
  • Microfiber cleaning materials. Our maid service’s microfiber cleaning cloths and mop pads are superior to conventional cleaning materials in numerous ways. Microfiber traps residual grime, dust, and bacteria more effectively than traditional cleaning cloths. We use an innovative color-coded system for our cleaning materials to ensure there’s no risk of cross-contamination while cleaning your home.

Keep your kitchen clean and healthy with our professional maid service in Roswell, GA. Call Maid Right of Roswell today at (770) 629-8387 to get started with a free cleaning consultation.

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