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Superior Disinfecting and Maid Cleaning Services for the Cumming Area

When you choose Maid Right of Roswell, you’re choosing a cleaner, healthier home. We don’t just want your home to look clean – we also want it to be rid of the many invisible, harmful particles and bacteria that are common to most houses. We combine the most exacting standards in home cleaning procedures with gentle, non-toxic products that are so effective, they’re used in both hospitals and day care centers. Our patented MR Shield® technology – an exclusive Maid Right product – gives your home the germ-fighting power it needs for a healthier space. It’s why homeowners in the Cumming area consistently choose Maid Right of Roswell for their maid cleaning services.

A Better Maid Cleaning Service for Cumming

MR Shield® is a child-safe, eco-friendly, full-home disinfection system that uses a state-of-the-art spray system to reach any surface in your home. It targets and eliminates bad odors and 99% of all common household bacteria. Maid Right of Roswell is the only cleaning company in the Cumming area that has access to this revolutionary technology, giving you superior results with our maid cleaning services.

A Healthy, Safe Choice for Maid Cleaning Services

As a Category 4 cleaning solution, MR Shield® has the highest EPA rating it can receive for safety and eco-friendliness. This makes it completely safe for kids, pets, asthmatics, and even newborns. With its quick-drying, no-residue clean, MR Shield® will leave you with a home that is clean and germ-free.

Maid Cleaning Services that You Can Count On

MR Shield® is one of the most powerful products in the Maid Right Technics® suite of cleaning products. It uses a misting spray to wrap around any surface targeted by our cleaners. This allows us to access those hard-to-reach surfaces that other cleaning companies might miss. We can easily clean bathrooms, kitchens, carpets, and even children’s toys. It’s one of the many ways Maid Right of Roswell has earned a reputation for safe, thorough maid cleaning services.

Advanced Maid Cleaning Services in the Cumming Area

MR Shield® is just one of the many state-of-the-art technologies that Maid Right of Roswell uses to give your home the highest level of care. With EPA-rated and Green SealTM-certified cleaning detergents, microfiber cloths that prevent cross-contamination, and our HEPA-approved filter vacuums, we consistently set the standard for an excellent cleaning.

Our maid cleaning services extend to Cumming, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, and Roswell. Call (770) 629-8387 to learn more about Maid Right of Roswell and our revolutionary cleaning standards.

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