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Germ-Free Home Cleaning Services for the Cumming Area

When it comes to the health and safety of your home, proper protection against germs, bacteria, and viruses is essential. At Maid Right® of Roswell, our exclusive MR Shield® system gives homeowners the most advanced home cleaning and disinfection services in Cumming, Roswell, and Alpharetta area.

MR Shield® Home Cleaning & Disinfection Services

MR ShieldThe MR Shield® advantage starts with its powerful cleaning solution. MR Shield® uses a specially formulated cleaning agent with a medical-strength 99.99% elimination rate. That means that MR Shield® wipes out virtually all germs, bacteria, and viral matter it comes into contact with. This protects Cumming, Roswell, and Alpharetta families against day-to-day illnesses like the common cold, harmful viruses like the flu, and food-borne pathogens like E. Coli.

Our Home Odor Neutralization & Cleaning Services

In addition to fighting common household germs and bacteria, MR Shield® also fights odors in your home. Stubborn and lingering smells – including those caused by mold, mildew, smoke, or pets – are easily neutralized with treatment by MR Shield®. As a result, homeowners in Cumming, Roswell, and Alpharetta breathe easier with MR Shield® home cleaning services.

Safer Home Cleaning Services for Cumming, Roswell, & Alpharetta

MR Shield® might be powerful against germs and unpleasant odors, but it’s gentle when it comes to people, pets, and the environment. In fact, MR Shield®’s cleaning solution has been tested by the EPA, receiving its gentlest possible rating. With MR Shield®, home cleaning services from Maid Right of Roswell are 100% safe for families – including those with young children and pets. Even better, MR Shield® is non-irritating to asthma and allergy sufferers. MR Shield

Advanced Coverage Home Cleaning with Our Services

Thanks to its state-of-the-art coverage system, Maid Right of Roswell provides truly total-home cleaning services when we use MR Shield®. Relying on exclusive application technology, MR Shield® wraps treated surfaces in a protective, residue-free shield that penetrates tough-to-reach spaces, like computer keyboards. This allows Maid Right of Roswell to clean and disinfect a wider range of surfaces and areas than comparable systems can offer.

Maid Right of Roswell is the only home cleaning services provider in the Cumming, Roswell, and Alpharetta area with access to MR Shield®.

Call us today at (770) 629-8387 to make this industry-leading system a part of your home’s cleaning services.

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