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Signature Clean® Maid Service

At Maid Right®, our maid services are founded on our industry’s top cleaning standards. Maid Right owner/operators are expected to personally deliver spotless, floor-to-ceiling house cleanings, offer total-home disinfection, and provide responsive, accountable services. They do all this while upholding Maid Right’s dedication to non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning. These expectations are all part of the Maid Right Signature Clean® maid service program, a suite of standards and principles that guide every single Maid Right cleaning.

Personalized Maid Service

Under Maid Right Signature Clean®, your local Maid Right cleaner will deliver comprehensive maid services to clean every room in your home. What’s more, your local Maid Right owner/operator will be directly involved in each cleaning your home receives. He or she will personally deliver or oversee everything from dusting to vacuuming to kitchen and bathroom cleaning, ensuring high-caliber results.

Accountable Maid Service

Thanks to Maid Right Signature Clean®, you can rest assured that your local Maid Right office is fully bonded, insured, and dedicated to responsive, accountable maid services. All Maid Right locations use cleaning checklists to ensure superior cleanings, employ logbooks for effective client-cleaner communication, and fully guarantee your satisfaction with each visit to your home.

Total Home Disinfection

The Maid Right Signature Clean® program makes total-home disinfection a standard part of Maid Right service. We are the only residential maid service brand that uses the Enviro-Mist®disinfection system. This state-of-the-art, proprietary system delivers medical-strength, non-toxic disinfection and odor removal. Thanks to its exclusive misting technology, Enviro-Mist® wraps every surface in your home with a residue free disinfectant.

Safer, Non-Toxic Cleaning

In addition to protecting your home against germs and bacteria with Enviro-Mist®, Maid Right cleaners will keep your family safe through our use of non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solutions. We also improve air quality through our ProTeam, HEPA filtration process and we help prevent germ transfer by color-coding the microfiber cloths and mops that we use in your bathrooms (that way we don’t use them anywhere else).

maid service with Enviro-Mist

Choose Maid Right and discover the results that come with superior maid service standards. Call your local Maid Right office today to learn more about what Maid Right Signature Clean® can do for your home and to book your free consultation.