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Life is Short. Clean Less.

5 Tips for Eliminating Clutter Before Your Move

house cleaning tipsAs we move closer to April, a change in season is quickly approaching. The arrival of spring means the Florida sun gets even hotter, flowers begin to flourish, and the perfect chance for deep cleaning arrives. Maybe you simply want to eliminate clutter or make your house look nicer but if you are planning a move, spring cleaning becomes especially important.

Read on to learn 5 tips by

Maid Right of South Miami for decluttering your home prior to a move (or just for the satisfaction of having a clean, organized house) and why it is so important.
  1. Top Reasons to Spring Clean

    To gear up for spring cleaning, it helps to have reasons that motivate you. Consider focusing on one (or all) of the following reasons to maintain your motivation and keep the process moving forward smoothly.
  • Fewer items to store (this also creates additional space in your home by getting rid of clutter)
  • Make some extra cash by selling unwanted items or donating them for the purposes of tax write-offs
  • Fewer items to haul when you move (this will also save you money since moving companies will charge less if there is less stuff to move)
  • Your house will appear larger (this is a bonus if you are having it staged to try and sell it)
  1. Purge from Room to Room

    Once you dive into your spring cleaning mission, you may be tempted to begin without developing a plan first. This can cause you to quickly burn out and lose momentum. Aim to start small by tackling one room at once and allow yourself adequate time to complete each section of the house. For example, pick one room to start with and allow yourself an entire day to complete the job. This will ensure that the process does not get overwhelming and will allow you to do a thorough job.
  2. Each house has a unique setup and needs but, generally, most homes will have several items that can be thrown away. Be on the lookout for any items that are damaged, unused, or unnecessary in the following rooms:
  • Kitchen – Small appliances, extra utensils, glasses, dishes, and cutlery
  • Living Room – Books, movies, video games, blankets, decorations, video games
  • Bedrooms – Sheets and blankets, decorations, toys, clothes
  • Closets – Jackets, trinkets, toys, decor
  • Garage – Recreational items such as bikes, toys, and balls, tools, equipment for the yard
  • Bathroom – Expired medications, makeup, towels and linens
  • All Over – Art pieces, decor, large furniture, trash, duplicate items
  1. Get Rid of Junk

    Once you have examined each room and decided which items are unnecessary, there are four main ways of getting rid of it:
  • Sell valuable items – If an item has some monetary value, consider selling it in a rummage sale or online on sites such as eBay or Craigslist.
  • Donate items – If your items are in good condition but not worthy of selling (or if you are simply looking to benefit others), consider donating your items to a local thrift store or a company such as Goodwill. Some charities will even come to your house and pick up unwanted items if you set up an appointment with them.
  • Give it away – If you know of a neighbor, family member, or friend that may want the item, it is a perfect chance to benefit both yourself and your loved one. You can also post pictures of the item to your social media to see if any of your family or friends are in need of it.
  • Toss it – If an item is damaged or useless, it might be best to throw it out. Your local waste management company can assist you in getting rid of larger, bulky items. Also, be sure to dispose of any hazardous items appropriately.
  1. Reorganize

    Each time you get a room cleared out, be sure to take the time to reorganize the remaining contents. In general, it usually helps to store items along with similar items and keep the contents of the room in convenient places. If you are planning a move in the near future, this is an excellent chance to begin packing up items you will not miss (jackets, games or toys, extra linens, seasonal items, and other contents you can do without until you are settled in your new home).

    When you are going through each room, remember to perform a thorough cleaning along the way. Wipe down window ledges, dust picture frames, wipe down the corners and any tight spaces, and clean out any drawers.
  2. Celebrate!

    Take some time off to enjoy your clean, organized home and imagine how delighted potential buyers will be when they view your space.

    Final Thoughts

    Once you have organized your belongings and eliminated any unnecessary items, it is an excellent time to start researching moving companies by getting estimates from a minimum of three different companies.

Maid Right Miami now has Spring cleaning specials valid from March 20 through June 21 to help you get the job done. Whether you choose to hire someone or attempt the job yourself, safety is the most important thing. A safe home is a great home. Don’t forget; Spring is the perfect time to change out the first aid kit, change the batteries in the smoke detector, and stock up that medicine cabinet. Spring is a wonderful season, filled with so much brightness. Let your home shine with the beauty and brightness of Spring.

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