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Life is Short. Clean Less.

8 Effective & Easy Ways To Keep Your House Clean This Summer

women keeping home clean in summerSummer is that special time of the year when Florida’s weather is amazing, shorts are in, and dirt is spread. A lot of dirt. When summertime approaches, more cleaning rears its ugly head again. So, how can you survive another warm season without spending countless hours cleaning? The secret–a strategy.

The more time you spend with a plan the better. Get dedicated to cleaning thoroughly first, so that you spend way less time cleaning in the coming months.

Below are 8 cleaning tips for the year’s hottest season. Learn how to keep your home clean, tidy, and neat with less tools, in less time.

1. Planning and Order Goes A Long Way

First things first–make an affirmative decision to have a clean summer home. This may sound a little like teetering too closely to common sense, but rarely is anything ever done right on a whim. Setting an actual goal increases the likelihood of getting any job done. In fact, studies have proven this. So, grab a calendar or a journal, and write down your exact cleaning plans!

The easiest way to start your plan is to go in order of what will be cleaned first. For instance, a good starter would be to declutter first, followed by dusting, and to do those in order in your entire home, instead of room by room. Then, focus on cleaning each individual room. Use this order even if you’re in a rush: a visitor is much less likely to notice the dust creeping in the corner of the room. Toys and clothes are much easier to spot when sitting on the floor in the living room or hanging off a couch.

2. Get Help

Rounding up the family and getting them involved not only makes the job easier, but makes it routine for them. Don’t feel the need to clean on your own–it likely wasn’t one person who made the mess anyway! Including children in cleaning as early as ages 3 to 4 is a major step in getting them to make it a standard habit for the rest of their life.

Cleaning can be a family activity that helps build confidence and helps everyone master the art of cleaning. It’s therapeutic and can also be a great motivator for other rewards, such as vacationing in some of Miami’s hottest spots. Try to think creatively. You can turn cleaning into a date night!

Keep your troops encouraged, too. Give them small, easy tasks to handle, and don’t expect perfection. Always congratulate your helpers on a job well done and thank them. They’ll be more than willing to help out next time.

3. Don’t Aim For Perfection

For some reason the idea of “all or nothing” has permeated our lives: there seems to be no point in doing anything unless it’s entirely done and done entirely well. But this old notion is not only unhelpful, it’s incredibly far from the truth. Getting some cleaning done is obviously better than none at all! And, once you start, it’s hard to stop.

To increase the confidence and ease of cleaning so that you have a habitual routine, always tackle the easiest and smallest tasks first. And tackle them immediately. Did crumbs fall onto the floor while making dinner? A quick 20 second sweep will clean it up–a much better idea than letting it sit.

Don’t allow yourself to get sidetracked. In today’s age, it’s much easier than 50 years ago to get taken away from chores. But the e-mail and text, even the phone call can wait! Voicemail was invented for a reason. Get to these other activities only when you’re done with your task, or it may not get finished at all.

4. Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom may be hands down the most difficult area to clean simply because of the variety of different surfaces in them. Glass for the mirrors, porcelain for the toilet, sink, and bathtub, fiberglass for the shower door, and chrome for the faucets. It can be intimidating once you realize you’ll have to lug in a basket full of special cleaners for each surface.

But you can avoid all that easily. How? An all-purpose cleaner and an all-purpose cleansing cloth. As for the toilet, a toilet bowl cleaner is required. And if soap scum is a problem, a good scum remover and scrubbing cloth will be required as well. With all that said and done, the number of items required to clean the bathroom dwindles to a few you can carry in your hands.

Use this procedure to speed it up along. Remember, planning quickens and simplifies even the most arduous tasks.

Remove all personal items from the sink, counters and any areas that need to be cleaned. If your cotton ball holder needs refilled or a new roll of toilet paper is required, now’s a good time to replace them. Once everything is removed, remove any dust with a dust cleaner. Any that’s caked on with humidity can be wiped away with a cloth.
Start with the soap scum first. Soap scum cleaners usually take the longest amount of time to sit before cleaning (generally 10 – 15 minutes). Apply the cleaner to the affected areas in the bathroom and let it sit as you start on the rest of the bathroom.

Then apply a toilet bowl cleaner around the uppermost area inside the bowl, right under the rim. Let it sit for the required amount of minutes (usually 5) as the solution settles in. While both of these cleaners saturate the surface, grab the all-purpose cleaner and cloth and begin to clean the outer areas of the toilet itself.
Paper towels come in handy here. There’s no rinsing required. And you don’t have to worry about germs spreading. If you’re concerned about waste, throw the paper towels in a receptacle dedicated to recycling.

Spray down your mirrors, faucets, shelves, door knobs and light switches and clean those thoroughly.

Now it’s time to scrub the inside of the toilet. Once that’s complete, thoroughly scrub the soap scum areas in the bathtub and sink. To cut down the time on your next cleaning, try wiping down the sides of the tub and shower wall after each use to stop soap scum in its tracks. To stop mildew, let the shower curtain air dry by hanging it outside. If mildew is already present, use a mildew cleaner or bleach.

It’s time now to clean up the floor. Mop, vacuum or sweep any debris or hair. Once all that is complete, replace all personal items back into the bathroom and dump the trash.

5. Kitchen Cleaning

Most people would agree that cleaning the kitchen takes the most time. The reason? Like much of cleaning, we keep the messes piled up. But keeping your kitchen spotless this season (or any season) doesn’t have to take much time at all. It all ties in back to Tip #1: Planning. But here’s another: clean it thoroughly once, so that your next cleaning time takes seconds to mere minutes.

6. Keep The Meet and Greet Areas Inviting

The entryway and front door of your home are the first things visitors will see. Keeping this area clean takes no time, but is easy to forget. Make sure to remove any debris and all clutter from the entryways, not only for aesthetics but for safety. If there’s any bushes or porch plants, prune them and sweep any grass or leaves away.

The entryways are also the first place dirt enters. Have guests take their shoes off before leaving the entryway. If that seems too drastic, invest in a good doormat. A great doormat will catch pollen, dirt and dust before it goes in further in the home. Adding a washable rug in the entryway is another good way to keep the dirt locked in one location.

Try lighting up the home’s entryway. It makes for delightful decor and increases family and visitor’s safety.

7. Keep the Stains Away – Easily

For some reason Florida summers seem to invite all the clothes stains. Maybe it’s all the playtime outside, the summer barbecues, the sweat stains from all the heat, or all the sand from Miami’s beaches. Either way, laundry piles up in this time of the year quicker than ever. But stains don’t have to ruin the best of your wardrobe.

You can check out how to keep stains away this summer here.

8. Be Careful and Stay Safe

You know what they say: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Remember that some cleaning items can cause fuming issues; so always keep the cleaning area well ventilated. Teach your children how to safely use the cleaning products, or let them handle only simple duties that require no product use at all, such as picking up the clothes or sweeping. And remember, once all your cleaning is complete, store the items safely away where younger children can’t reach.

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