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Life is Short. Clean Less.

Benefits to Green House Cleaning in Miami

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Green cleaning isn’t just a fad; It’s a practice that makes sense for your family and the world. The key is finding a company that knows how to use the latest technologies, like HEPA filtration vacuums, and the best and safest cleaning products to get the best results. Green cleaning is just as effective as cleaning with toxic chemicals, but with additional benefits. They include:

1. Safer Results

Chemical cleaners will leave toxic residue wherever they are used. You may be getting exposed to these chemicals over a prolonged period of time, causing skin irritations and even breathing problems. In some cases, people suffer unknowingly with allergies all because of the toxic chemicals they use that they are unaware are still around in their home affecting them, long after they did the cleaning. Cleaning with toxic chemicals can be a problem when cleaning or afterwards, but then some of those chemicals end up being stored in your home, creating an opportunity for further mishaps if you have pets or children. It’s best to avoid harsh, toxic, chemicals for safer results overall.

2. Kid-Friendly, Pet-Friendly

If you have pets or kids, you know it’s hard to keep them from getting into things. You don’t have to worry about them ingesting toxic chemicals when they put things in their mouth or lick something off the floor. If you are using steam and water to clean your carpets, there is simply nothing there to ingest. You want to also make sure that you get a green cleaning company that doesn’t cross-contaminate their cloths when cleaning from one area to another, like the cat box to the kid’s toy boxes.

3. Improved Air Quality

Breathe easier when you get a company that uses HEPA technologies to help get even the tiniest particles out of the most stubborn carpet. It is said that the best HEPA technology vacuums can suck up 99.97 percent of all particles .3 microns or bigger that are floating in the air. Green cleaning assures you that you aren’t just moving dust from one place to another. You are virtually eliminating it and also particulates in the air, like lead, too.

4. Green Cleaning for a Cleaner World

If you’ve cleaned a toilet or your outside patio, you know that those chemicals get washed into either the public sewer system or into the storm drains. Either way, harsh chemicals have to be removed from the water for it to be usable again. Some of that water can even land on the dirt as it heads to the storm drain or elsewhere, creating problems for the nearby ecosystems. Contaminated water is not even a necessity with today’s green cleaning technologies. Green cleaning safeguards our waterways and reduces the chemicals that end up in our sewer systems, creating a greener world for everyone.

Where Do You Find the Right Green Cleaner in Miami-Dade?

Not every cleaning company offers green cleaning, and those that do may not use the latest technologies and know-how to make sure the green cleaning is done right. The staff has to be trained to avoid cross-contamination. Care and expertise needs to exercise when choosing cleaning products so that they are effective and EPA-approved for the environment. There are a few companies, like Maid Right® Home Cleaning, in the Miami-Dade area that understand and execute some of the safe practices listed here. They will not only clean a home with green technologies that are effective and do the job, but they also take care to make sure that the products they use will not harm the environment or your family, creating a greener world for everyone.

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