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Cleaning Your Home with Military Precision

Can basic military training play a role when it comes to cleaning your home? It may sound like an odd combination of experience, but it can actually work to produce more thorough cleaning results. In fact at Maid Right® home cleaning we welcome military veterans into our ranks via our VetConnection program with special incentives to start their own cleaning businesses.

“Military training teaches us to pay attention to detail and to leave nothing to chance. Cutting corners is not an option in achieving every mission because it can have serious consequences. I apply that same discipline when I’m cleaning my clients’ homes.” says Orson Simmons, a Maid Right business owner and former marine.

Whether it’s dusting and vacuuming in tight corners and under furniture, making hardwoods gleam, or completely disinfecting high risk food preparation surfaces you’ll find Maid Right doesn’t cut any corners.

If you’d like to learn more about Maid Right cleaning services and our VetConnection program for military veterans please visit

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