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Coral Gables’ Choice for House Cleaning Services

When it comes to the health and safety of your family, routine house cleanings from a reliable Coral Gables company is an important line of defense. Although you may not realize it, your home acquires countless particles of dirt, grime, and germs every day. Every night, you shed millions of skin cells while sleeping. And your family, friends, and pets can track invisible bacteria right through the front door.

That’s why targeted, professional maid services from Maid Right of South Miami can make an enormous impact on the health of your home – and on the health of your family.

Complete Home Disinfection Services for Coral Gables

At Maid Right of South Miami, we believe in the deep clean. Many surfaces in your home can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, including computer keyboards, television remotes, and phone receivers. It’s why our house cleanings for Coral Gables homes always include a complete home disinfection as part of our regular maid services.

We use our hospital-grade MR Shield®, a state-of-the-art disinfection system that wraps a gentle misting spray on all surfaces in your home, including tough-to-reach, tough-to-clean surfaces like children’s toys, keyboards, and carpeting. MR Shield® eliminates up to 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses, for truly germ-free results. Our disinfection system doesn’t just reduce germs; it can also filter out unpleasant odors such as smoke or pet smells.

Our House Cleanings with Air Filtration Services

We often think of air pollution as something that occurs in the outdoors, typically around cities. But the truth is, air pollution inside of homes is a common, underreported danger for families. Air pollutants can enter your Coral Gables home when you apply a fresh coat of paint to your walls, buy a new mattress, open a window, or even use certain common household cleaning chemicals.

That’s why our house cleanings incorporate HEPA-filter vacuums, which use a special filtration system to trap and eliminate harmful airborne pollutants and particles. We also specifically use cleaning products that are non-harmful and non-toxic so we can help keep your home’s air clean. With Maid Right of South Miami, you’ll get a deeper, safer clean.

Invest in your family’s health and safety with house cleanings from a trusted company in Coral Gables or Miami. Contact Maid Right of South Miami today at (972) 736-8864 to set up your cleanings.

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