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Life is Short. Clean Less.

Hot Spots For Germs: 10 Places to Deep Clean Before You Set Up Your New Florida Apartment

testimonialMoving to Miami places you in one of the most beautiful space on earth. While you are looking forward to lounging beachside, you know that there are still a few things left on your to-do list to get settled into your new home. As part of the move-in process, your landlord handled the basic cleaning tasks, yet their definition of clean may not exactly line up with yours. The best time to clean your new apartment is while it is empty since this allows you to hit those spots that are normally covered by your belongings. Before you start unpacking, make sure to hit these hidden sources of germs so that you can begin your new life with a fresh start that increases your enjoyment of this beautiful state.

Scrub the Tub and Shower
If there is one thing other than the gorgeous outdoor lifestyle that Miami is known for, it’s definitely the humidity. Over time, mold can easily seep into your shower grout and accumulate along your bathtub surfaces. Start in your bathroom by making a homemade scouring cleaner from equal parts of kosher salt, borax and baking soda. Use a sponge to wash the inside of your tub, the shower walls and floors along with the tile. For dark spots on the grout, apply a bit of bleach and allow it to sit for a few minutes before washing it clean.

Dust The Bathroom Exhaust Fan
Your bathroom vents keep odors down and help to reduce the humidity as you enjoy a hot shower. Unfortunately, this is also a hot spot for dust that poses a fire hazard if it is allowed to build up. Grab a can of compressed air from your office supply store, and hit all of your exhaust fans with it to blow away lint that most people never notice. This tip will also help to reduce allergens in your bathroom areas.

Get New Toilet Seats
Thinking about how many past residents have shared that toilet is enough to make you feel like you are using a public restroom. New toilet seats are fairly inexpensive, and this is one upgrade that you will be glad you did. Simply purchase new seats and install them. Then, use your favorite disinfectant to scour the rest of the toilet so that you can be certain that it is germ-free.

Wash Your Walls
Many apartments merely spot paint unsightly areas such as nail marks, which means that your walls have been exposed to the germs from the prior residents. Although washing your walls seems like a monumental task, using a large mop pad reduces the time involved. Simply fill up a spray bottle with warm, soapy water. Then, spray and wipe down each wall while working from the ceiling to the floor in side-to-side motions. For those corners that are tough to reach, simply use a washrag on the end of a broomstick to wipe away cobwebs and dirt.

Freshen Up Your Dishwasher
Yes, the appliance that cleans your dishes also needs to be washed, too. Over time, mildew accumulates on the seal, and a dishwasher that has been sitting too long may have bacteria that have been allowed to build up. Begin by placing a cup of vinegar on the top rack before running the dishwasher on the hottest cycle. Then, sprinkle baking soda on the floor of the dishwasher until it has created a fine layer. Run the dishwasher on the shortest, hottest cycle, and finish up by wiping down the seal with a disinfecting cleanser.

Dust All Overhead Areas
Once you move your furniture in, dusting overhead areas is bound to be a mess. Protect your belongings and save yourself the stress by doing it before you unpack. As you dust, make sure to hit your blinds, ceiling fans and the trim over each door. For a no-mess way to dust your ceiling fans, slip and old pillow case over the blade and pull it across. Blinds can be cleaned faster by placing an old sock over each side of a pair of tongs so that all you have to do is swipe across each level.

Clear Out the Cabinets
Before moving out, the prior residents were likely instructed to wipe out their cabinets. However, a quick glimpse typically reveals crumbs and debris left behind in the corners. Grab a damp cloth and wipe down each shelf. Then, move to the outside of the cabinets, and wash off grease and food splatters that tend to hit the outside when people are cooking. Once your cabinets are cleaned to perfection, put down shelf liner or contact paper to keep them that way.

Disinfect the Fridge
Those warm Florida days will have you loving your refrigerator when you can pull out a cool treat to beat the heat. Make sure that anything you put onto those shelves is sanitary by deep cleaning the fridge before you fill it with delicious food. Since this is another area where apartment maintenance crews just tend to give a cursory wipe, you will need to pull out your shelves and let them soak in the sink while you use a disinfecting cleanser on the interior. Then, scrub down the shelves and dry them completely before you put the refrigerator back together.

Tackle the Floors
After your moving day, you will never have as much access to your floors as you have right now. Mop hard surface floors, and make sure to hit those edges and corners that everyone else seems to miss. Then, hit your carpets with a steam cleaner to remove dust, pet hair and other allergens that a vacuum would miss.

Sanitize Touch Points
Once you have the bulk of your cleaning done, give your apartment a glance and identify every area that a hand will have to touch. Light switches, cabinet knobs and alarm pads are just a few ideas to get you started. Use antibacterial cleaning wipes on each of these areas to ensure that you do not transfer germs to yourself from prior residents.

Starting fresh in your new abode will allow you to maximize your enjoyment of a South Florida lifestyle. Remember that if you short on time, a professional cleaning can also give you the same fresh feeling while allowing you to focus on the other elements of your big move.

Maid Right®Miami now has Spring cleaning specials valid from March 20 through June 21 to help you get the job done. Whether you choose to hire someone or attempt the job yourself, safety is the most important thing. A safe home is a great home. Don’t forget; Spring is the perfect time to change out the first aid kit, change the batteries in the smoke detector, and stock up that medicine cabinet. Spring is a wonderful season, filled with so much brightness. Let your home shine with the beauty and brightness of Spring.

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