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House Cleaner in Miami: Back to School Cleaning

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Are you prepared for the busy end-of-summer period often referred to as back to school season? At Maid Right of South Miami, we understand how stressful it can be to wrangle your kids into a new schedule after a long, lazy summer vacation. Our deep cleaning services can help make your house cleaner and healthier, getting your whole family into the right frame of mind for the upcoming school year. Read on to learn more about how our housekeeping services in Miami can assist you in having a stress-free back to school season.

How a Local House Cleaner Can Help

Is your home a little more unkempt than usual thanks to kids’ summer projects, playthings on the floor, and pint-sized handprints on the wall? Having your kids at home during the summer can be a joy, but it can also be a mess. Here’s how we help erase summertime chaos and bring a fresh sense of clean to your house during the back to school rush:

  • We work to eliminate germs and viruses. You don’t want your child bringing home an illness from school and spreading it to the rest of the family. With a local house cleaner like Maid Right of South Miami, you can have confidence that your house is a healthy, hygienic living environment. We focus on disinfecting high-touch surfaces that often lead to person-to-person germ transfer. We also offer wall-to-wall disinfection with an exclusive disinfection system called MR Shield®.
  • We make your home more organized. Get rid of distractions like clutter to help your kids focus during the upcoming school year. Our Cleaning Pros assist in keeping your home clean and tidy so your kids can get in the right frame of mind for returning to their academic schedule.
  • We help reduce your stress levels. Don’t let stress get you down this back to school season. You need a clean, quiet place where you can relax and rejuvenate in order to take on the challenges of the next day. Since we get rid of stressful clutter while also cutting down on your to-do list, we can help make this back to school season go smoothly.

Learn more about how a local house cleaner can assist your family during the transition to the academic school year. Call Maid Right of South Miami today at (972) 736-8864 to get started with a free cleaning consultation in the Miami, FL area.

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