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Life is Short. Clean Less.

Ideas for Keeping your Kitchen Easier to Clean

Keep everything uncluttered all the time.

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If a dish is done being used, wash it or immediately put it in the dishwasher so that it doesn’t lay around somewhere else in the house or in the sink where dishes easily pile up. Put all cooking utensils and oven mitts right back where they belong immediately after use. Keep up this habit and you’ll save plenty of time cleaning without worrying about a piled up, messy kitchen.

Don’t let spills and stains sit on the stove or counter tops.

Clean them first thing with an appropriate cleaner like an all purpose cleaner.

Keep the eating confined to one area of the house.

It’ll be much easier to clean up that one area than to run around trying to clean up crumbs everywhere else.

Change your oven cleaner use

If you’re trying to avoid using an oven cleaner, remove the need for so many deep cleanings by immediately handling any surface spills or stains before they cake on. In the hot summer days, an oven cleaner will be better suited than using an oven’s self-cleaning mechanism.

A thorough clean just once in the kitchen makes all the difference.

Perfection isn’t required, but if it’s done thoroughly once, a quick swipe daily or every other day will be enough to keep the kitchen clean all year around. Hit every spot and even the small, hidden places on the counters.

Soak the stove top liners, or even throw them in the dishwasher.

You can also buy disposable stove burner liners, or cover the area in aluminum and replace it weekly. Don’t forget the oft-forgettable vent hood filter–it can be cleaned!

Cut your microwave cleaning to a quarter of the time with this simple trick:

Slice a lemon in half and squeeze each half for juice into a bowl of water, then toss both halves in. Turn the microwave on at high power for 3 minutes. Don’t open the door for another 5 minutes. Remove the bowl carefully and then watch as the grime and cooked food easily wipes away with a swipe of a paper towel!

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Life is short. Clean less. ®

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