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KonMari House Cleaning Tips from Coral Gables Maid Service Professionals

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Does coming home give you anxiety due to the amount of “stuff” you have? Are you constantly struggling to keep your house de-cluttered and organized? Do you have a hard time purging and giving items away? If you answered “yes” to any of those, you’re certainly not alone. As maid cleaning service professionals in Coral Gables, Maid Right of South Miami knows it’s a common problem. The good news is that there is a solution. It’s called the KonMari Method. Here are some tips to help you put it to use.

How the KonMari Method Works

Invented by Marie Kondo, an author and organization consultant, the KonMari Method challenges you with one simple question: what sparks joy in your life? Rather than focusing on what you’re getting rid of, her approach focuses on keeping things that make you happy. Try it out with these simple steps:

  • Declutter by category. Most people typically approach a decluttering project by room. The KonMari Method recommends using categories (clothing, books, documents, etc.) instead.
  • Create a pile for each category. Once you’ve picked your category, collect every item in your home within that category and create a pile. This is helpful because it gives you a visual sense of just how much “extra” of one category you have.
  • Evaluate each item. As you’re going through the pile, look at each item and ask yourself whether it sparks joy in your life. If it doesn’t, and has no useful purpose, get rid of it.
  • Find a home for your stuff. Once you’ve put all your items through this filter, find a permanent, dedicated place in your home for each item category you’re planning to keep.

Why It’s Effective

As human beings, we have a natural inclination to hold onto stuff. When we purge and de-clutter, this instinct is out in full force, making it hard to discard items regardless of how unnecessary or useless they are. The KonMari Method, however, focuses on the positive – what you get to keep that sparks joy in your life – rather than the negative of getting rid of your stuff.

How Our Coral Gables Cleaning Services Can Further Help You

Now that you have the clutter issue taken care of, what about dirt, dust, and germs in your home? If you need an extra hand with house cleaning, turn to the maid service professionals that customers all over Coral Gables trust – Maid Right of South Miami. We provide dusting, disinfecting, mopping, polishing, vacuuming, and so much more, bringing joy and a healthier home back into your life. And we back all our maid cleaning services with the strongest satisfaction guarantee in Coral Gables.

Want a sparkling clean home that sparks joy in your life? Call the experts at Maid Right of South Miami at (972) 736-8864. We provide maid cleaning services to customers throughout Coral Gables and Miami.

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