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Maid Services in Miami: Three Spring Cleaning Tips

residential cleaning maid rightFew people look forward to spring cleaning, but taking this time to thoroughly clean your home can save you a lot of headaches later in the year. At Maid Right ® of South Miami, we offer maid services in the Miami area that can give your home the deep spring cleaning it needs to feel fresh and comfortable. Read on for some helpful spring cleaning tips from our maid service.

Our Maid Service’s Favorite Spring Cleaning Tips

If you’re lacking inspiration for spring cleaning this season, take a look at our Miami-based maid service’s favorite tips for easy spring cleaning:

  • Take care of your tools for more efficient cleaning. Taking the time to care for your tools now will give you a head start on the rest of the year. Get those dust bunnies out of your broom bristles with the handheld nozzle of a vacuum. Then clean out or replace the filter of the vacuum cleaner. In your laundry room, de-lint your dryer and run baking soda and vinegar through the washing machine to encourage freshness. Finally, get rid of food bits in the dishwasher and help it stay clean using a specialized formula.
  • Go green. Springtime is as good as any time to make a commitment to green cleaning. Take stock of the cleaning formulas you currently use. If any of them are nearing empty, replace them with non-toxic, eco-friendly versions. At Maid Right of South Miami, we only work with green cleaning agents, like our EPA-approved MR Shield®disinfecting system and non-toxic bathroom detergents that have been certified by the Green Seal™ organization.
  • Get organized. De-cluttering your home in the spring can help you get in the right frame of mind for the upcoming year. Purge your house of things you haven’t used recently or no longer need. You can give these objects away to charity, sell them online or at a garage sale, or dispose of them if they are no longer functional. You’ll be left with a roomier, more organized home that is easier to relax in.

Do you need the help of a maid service to get started with spring cleaning? Call Maid Right of South Miami today at (972) 736-8864 for more information about our maid services in the Miami, FL area.

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