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Life is Short. Clean Less.

Making Thanksgiving Clean-Up a Breeze by Maid Right Miami

family having dinnerBetween the salads, bread, potatoes, casseroles, homemade cranberry sauce, vegetables and of course the big bird and turkey stuffing itself, Thanksgiving is a meal that thrives best when everyone pitches in a little. It’s a tradition that goes as far back as the first ever Thanksgiving in 1621 when the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe decided to team up for a feast among friends. Hopefully, you followed the cleaning checklist by Maid Right® Miami helping make your Thanksgiving run smoothly! Of course, after the meal prep and feast itself, there’s still the matter of cleaning up the piles of dishes, so we’ve compiled a list of preparation and clean-up tips that we know you’ll be thankful for once you’re all done and settling in for your post-dinner nap on the couch.

Go Traditional and Host a Potluck

Even the best chefs could stand for an extra helping hand in the kitchen for such a large meal, so plan a potluck just like the Pilgrims. Not only will it give your friends the opportunity to contribute to the meal, but you might fall in love with a new recipe that’ll become a household staple. The other great thing about potlucks? When the last piece of pumpkin pie has left the plate, your guest will take their container home with them which means fewer dishes for you to clean and more time to enjoy your guest’s company.

Clean the Clutter

Giving your fridge a good clean before the big day will help prepare you for the inevitable aftermath of leftovers. It’ll make you feel good to declutter your storage spaces and give you time to preemptively clear off a shelf for the sole purpose of filling it with your excess ingredients. It’ll also keep everything in a convenient one-stop location if you’re the kind of person that uses their leftovers for things like soup.

Prepare Your Cookware

Lining your pots and pans ahead of time with aluminum foil and roasting your turkey in a bag will save you a ton of time when you’ve finished cooking. It’s much easier to pick up the lining and throw it away than it is to scrub off all the grease.

Line Garbage Bags

Save yourself the headache of a leaky bag and double some garbage bags before you get cooking. Having these ready to go and easy to access will help keep your kitchen clean and organized which will ultimately keep you happier as you work.

Be Ready to Soak

Have you ever let the leftover gravy pan sit out while you and your guests eat, only to come back to it at the end of the meal to find it hopelessly stuck to the pan? Do yourself a favor and make a habit out of soaking your pots and pans in a bucket full soap as soon as you’ve moved them into their serving dishes so that even if you can’t get to cleaning them immediately, the excess food and grease will be easy to remove when you do. Having a separate space for soaking also frees up your kitchen sink for regular hand washing and rinsing so you won’t get aggravated about a lack of space.

Triple-Duty Cookware

Instead of moving each dish into a serving platter after cooking, consider using multi-use cookware that can go from the oven to the table and straight into the freezer. Another option is to use edible containers like bread bowls as they are easily compostable if they’re not fully consumed.

Be Ready for Stains

We’re certain we don’t need to explain how messy preparing and hosting a Thanksgiving dinner can be, so ease your mind by preparing for the inevitable. Set aside some hydrogen peroxide with a couple of dabs of dish detergent with a towel ready for those pesky wine stains. Have white toothpaste (not the gel) handy to use on wood furniture if a guest forgets to use a coaster for their dripping water glass.

Set the Clean-Up Mood

Once your guests have gone and you’re left alone with your collection of dishes to wash, get yourself pumped up for cleaning by turning the radio dial to your favorite station and cranking the volume. You must clean anyway, so it might as well be fun!

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