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Our Miami Maid Service’s Post-Party Clean-Up Strategies

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If you frequently host holiday parties, get-togethers, or social gatherings at your home in Miami, then you know how daunting post-party clean-up can be. In addition to dealing with sticky drink spills and cooking residues, you may also have concerns about germs and odors. At Maid Right of South Miami, our maid service helps get your home back in shape after a particularly eventful evening. Our Cleaning Pros’ comprehensive checklist, hospital-grade cleaning formulas, and high-tech cleaning systems ensure no detail goes unnoticed when cleaning your house.

How Our Maid Service Approaches Post-Party Clean-Up

Are you dealing with water rings, residual sticky stains, poor indoor air quality, or general uncleanliness after hosting a party? Our maid service in Miami helps you tackle post-party clean-up by conquering these cleaning woes head-on. Here are just a few of the ways our maid service helps your home bounce back after you’ve had a full house:

  • We provide advanced post-party disinfection. It’s important to disinfect your home after you’ve had a large number of visitors—especially in cold and flu season. Our maid service’s exclusive disinfecting system, MR Shield®, prevents the spread of illness in your home by eliminating 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.
  • We filter air pollution from your home. Is the air in your home feeling stale or stuffy after a party? We freshen things up by reducing indoor air pollution using high-tech ProTeam HEPA filter vacuums. These vacuums get rid of airborne dust, dander, and allergens for air that feels fresher and easier to breathe.
  • We knock out residual odors. Post-party odors will be a thing of the past after a visit from our maid service in Miami, thanks to MR Shield®’s odor-neutralizing properties. In addition, our eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning formulas will leave a fresh, clean scent throughout your home.
  • We give you a polished shine. Our maid service uses high-tech microfiber cleaning cloths and mop pads to wipe away more grime, dirt, and dust than conventional cleaning materials. We’ll also make sure to get rid of residual sticky stains or water rings, leaving your home with a polished finish.

Are you looking for a professional maid service in Miami to keep your home looking great even after you’ve hosted a party? Call Maid Right of South Miami today at (972) 736-8864 for more information about scheduling a free cleaning consultation at your home in the Miami, FL area.

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