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Our Miami Maid Service’s Revolutionary Clean for Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

maid serviceWhile we focus on whole-home disinfection here at Maid Right of South Miami, we’ve know that many customers are especially concerned with their home’s kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen and bathroom areas tend to collect grime and build-up more quickly than other areas of the home. Regular cleanings by a professional maid service can help keep your kitchen and bathrooms germ-free and presentable at all times.

Maid Services for Your Home’s Dirtiest Areas

Our team of professional cleaners employs exclusive methods and technologies to deliver spotless results for your home’s most tough-to-clean areas. With Maid Right of South Miami maid services, your kitchen and bathrooms will benefit from the following:

  • Complete disinfection. We use the exclusive MR Shield®technology to eliminate 99% of germs and viruses throughout your home, including the kitchen and bathrooms. This exclusive misting system treats all types of surfaces—even those that are typically difficult to clean. And since we’re the only maid service in Miami with access to this technology, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best results possible.
  • Odor removal. Our ProTeam HEPA filtration vacuums remove pollutants and harmful particles from the air, leaving you with improved indoor air quality. This process, along with the use of MR Shield®, removes residual odors from the kitchen and bathroom, leaving you with fresh, clean air.
  • Color-coded cleaning. Our Miami maid service does not take risks when it comes to cross-contamination. We use a color-coded system and fresh microfiber cleaning cloths on every visit to ensure that cleaning materials used in your bathrooms do not touch your kitchen counter tops.
  • Safe cleaning agents. Some maid services in the Miami area use harsh chemicals in an effort to eliminate germs. Rather than risk your family’s health, our team at Maid Right of South Miami works with eco-friendly products. Many of these, like our all-purpose peroxide or our bathroom disinfectant, are EPA-registered or Green Seal™ certified.
  • Maid Right Tracker®. Our tracking system quantifies our maid services so that you get a consistent clean on every single visit. If our owner-operator finds that any area of the home does not meet the Maid Right Signature Clean®standards, we’ll correct it on the spot.

Do your kitchens and bathrooms need special attention? Our maid service is ready to help. Call Maid Right of South Miami today at (972) 736-8864 to learn more about how our professional cleaning team can benefit you.

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