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Post-Construction Cleaning Services in Coral Gables

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At Maid Right of South Miami, we understand what a headache post-construction clean-up can be when you don’t have access to professional tools and resources. That’s why we offer post-construction cleaning services for homes throughout the Coral Gables area. Whether you’ve just undergone a big construction project or a small remodeling venture, our service can ensure that any dust, dirt, and trash that’s left behind won’t be staying. Read on to learn more about the details that we focus on as part of our post-construction cleaning services for Coral Gables.

About Our Detail-Oriented Cleaning Services in Coral Gables

When it comes to cleaning up after a construction event, detail-driven cleaning is key. Otherwise, you’ll encounter construction-related dust and grime months down the road in unexpected places. Here are a few areas of focus for our Cleaning Pros from Maid Right of South Miami during post-construction clean-up:

  • Indoor air quality. You may not have given much thought to how a construction project can affect your indoor air quality. However, without proper air filtration, you may be dealing with indoor air pollution from construction dust and other airborne pollutants in your Coral Gables area home. As part of our cleaning services, we come prepared with our state-of-the-art ProTeam HEPA filter vacuums to offer thorough indoor air filtration that makes the air in your home cleaner and healthier.
  • Interior walls. Your walls may suffer smudges, scruffs, and dirt marks during big renovations. When not properly taken care of, this evidence of construction can make your whole house feel unclean. Our Cleaning Pros in Coral Gables work with careful techniques to clean your walls while protecting your delicate paint job.
  • Doors. We use elbow grease, microfiber cleaning cloths, and professional-quality formulas to clean the tops and sides of doors, door knobs, door frames, and door hinges, removing any paint or mud splatters in the process.
  • Detailed spaces. Small spaces can accumulate dust and dirt quickly during construction projects. We take on leftover grime covering light fixtures and light bulbs, electrical outlets, light switches, blinds, shutters, trim, and baseboards.
  • Floors. Our high-tech vacuums offer maximum suction for optimal cleaning on carpets and hard floors. We then follow up vacuuming with microfiber mopping of tile or hardwood floors. You’ll notice how your clean floors shine the minute you come back home.

When it comes to post-construction cleaning, don’t feel like you have to go it alone. Our professional cleaning service in Coral Gables can help. Call Maid Right of South Miami at (972) 736-8864 to schedule a free cleaning consultation today.

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