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Residential Cleaning for New Parents in Coral Gables

Call Maid Right to clean and protect your home with residential cleaning servicesAre you a new parent living in Coral Gables, FL? At Maid Right of South Miami, we understand that stepping into your new role as a parent can be a hectic experience. Not only do you have less time than ever for your other responsibilities, such as housekeeping tasks, but you’re probably also concerned about keeping your living area healthy and germ-free for your child. Our home cleaning company takes care of these concerns and more by providing high-quality residential cleaning services in the Coral Gables area using family-friendly formulas and processes.

How Residential Cleaning Can Benefit Parents of Newborns

When you decide to work with Maid Right of South Miami, you can be confident that we’re prioritizing your family’s health first. Here are just a few of the newborn-friendly cleaning methods our Cleaning Pros use as part of our residential cleaning services in Coral Gables:

  • Elimination of illness-causing germs. MR Shield®, our whole-home disinfecting system, can only be found in the Coral Gables area through our residential cleaning services at Maid Right of South Miami. MR Shield® eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on contact, so you can worry less about the spread of illness-causing germs around your child. And since MR Shield® knocks out odor-causing bacteria, lingering diaper smells can finally be a thing of the past.
  • Reduction of harmful indoor air pollution. Even small amounts of indoor air pollution can irritate sensitive respiratory systems. Our Cleaning Pros use innovative ProTeam HEPA filter vacuums to reduce air pollution in your Coral Gables home, improving your indoor air quality. These special vacuums filter out airborne irritants like dust particles, pet dander, and allergens. Following a visit from our residential cleaning services, your home will be filled with cleaner air that is easier on your child’s sensitive lungs.
  • Cleaning with safe and effective formulas. Some residential cleaning companies still rely on caustic chemical substances to fight dirt and grime. Rather than expose your family to these harsh cleaning agents, our Cleaning Pros in Coral Gables use non-toxic, eco-friendly formulas that are tough on bacteria but gentle enough to be used around your little one. For example, MR Shield®’s non-toxic formula is EPA-approved, and our germ-fighting bathroom detergents are Green Seal™ certified.

Are you in search of child-friendly residential cleaning services in Coral Gables? Get started today by calling Maid Right of South Miami at (972) 736-8864 to schedule a free cleaning consultation.

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