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What Cleaning Services & Products in Miami Are Green?

Maid Quality Cleaning ServicesMany of us are becoming more aware of how much the world needs us to live in environmentally conscious ways. Many companies providing the common services necessary for everyday living are answering the call by making more options that benefit the ecosystem available for their customers.

Home cleaning is one of the services that have been changed the most by the need for more homeowners to go green. It’s much easier nowadays to find a local service that keeps the health of your surrounding environment in mind while cleaning your home, and ecologically friendly cleaning products are much easier to find and purchase.

But how do you know for sure which products and services are the most green? We at Maid Right of South Miami offer a concise guide that will help you make the best green cleaning decisions.

How Do You Tell What Cleaning Options Are The Most Green?

Eco-friendly services ideally prevent any harm from happening to the environment while they are being applied. When it comes to cleaning services, however, perfectly eco-friendly work isn’t always widely available. Various companies have their own definitions of what counts as “green enough” in these cases, which means you will have to look for yourself to see whether services and products labeled “green” meet the best standards. These are the standards you should look out for:

  • Whether the product has been certified by non-profit organizations like Green Seal™ as a proven eco-friendly product.
  • Whether the EPA Rating the product has received is as high as level IV, the best rating possible.
  • Whether the product doesn’t leave environmentally harmful traces when it naturally degrades.
  • Whether the cleaning service doesn’t use bleach, chlorine, or various other inherently toxic chemicals.

Maid Right of South Miami meets all of these standards, which is why our house cleaning services are completely green and harmless to the environment.

Why Use Green House Cleaning?

Today’s environmentally aware cleaning services and products, in most cases, are actually just as effective at cleaning as their traditional equivalents. With that in mind, green cleaning is a directly superior alternative for both the world and your household. These are the critical reasons why:

  • Your home’s air will remain healthy after the cleaning job, so you won’t be subjected to bad fumes.
  • There won’t be any harmful residues left over that can potentially be a health hazard to your children and pets.
  • The environment surrounding your house won’t be needlessly harmed by the materials used to clean your home, which is important because the waterways near your house could be exposed to chemicals otherwise.

At Maid Right of South Miami, we have earned our credentials as a professional house cleaning service that applies top-quality cleaning procedures without using any traditional products. If you want to learn more about how our pro-green procedure can give your home a thorough cleaning job, call us today.

Call Maid Right of South Miami at (972) 736-8864 for a free consultation of your home cleaning.

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