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Life is Short. Clean Less.

When A Deep Home Cleaning Is Needed

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Taking care of your home properly requires a variety of cleaning tasks throughout the day and throughout the week to keep it looking attractive and pleasant. Although many people can take care of these tasks in a superficial way during their busy week, their efforts are often not enough to produce the deep cleaning that a healthy household needs. As a result, more people are employing cleaning services to help them provide the quality cleanliness their families require.

For Moving In and Moving Out

A cleaning service can be critical to the move to a new home in South Florida. In many cases, the previous owners will leave a mess in bathrooms, kitchens, basements or other areas of the home that require thorough cleaning before the rooms can be ready for normal use. Generally, new homeowners are busy getting their belongings delivered and in place in the early days. Having a cleaning service to take care of the heavy cleaning that may be required can save these homeowners the time and physical energy needed to get the structure in livable condition.

A family-safe cleaning service can also be invaluable when you are moving out of one living situation into another. The service can take care of routine cleaning chores such as emptying the refrigerator or cleaning greasy surfaces in the kitchen. You can concentrate on organizing your move, instead of worrying about leaving a clean home for the next occupant.

Holiday Cleaning

Today’s families often have hectic schedules, with parents working, children going to school and a variety of activities both after school and on the weekends. These schedules leave little time for everyday cleaning chores, such as mopping floors or cleaning bathroom tubs and tile. When the holidays arrive, schedules can become even more crowded, with social events and family gatherings.

Engagement of a cleaning service for holiday cleaning frees adults in the household to concentrate on organizing parties and other holiday gatherings. They can then enjoy time with their guests, without the fatigue of doing cleaning to get their homes ready for the party. A cleaning service can also help clean up after holiday parties, to get your home back to normal after the guests have left.

New Baby/New Mom

Another situation in which a cleaning service can not only be helpful, but can also provide a necessary service is when a new baby is welcomed into a family. A newborn in the household is a time of great excitement and happiness, but it is also a time that can cause disruption of usual schedules, fatigue, concerns about the new baby and a flurry of guests to see the baby. Most new mothers concentrate on learning the new habits and needs of her child. Fathers are also involved in the care of the newborn and helping care for other children in the family. Often, household cleaning takes a back seat to these more important tasks.

If you are lucky enough to have family members in the area, they can pitch in to help with cleaning, cooking and caring for the other children. However, many couples live far away from their families, and they may need additional help beyond the short visits that family members can arrange. In addition, a healthy and clean environment is critical to the health of your new baby. It is at these times that a cleaning service can provide the deep cleaning that a new mother wants for her baby and the rest of her family, at a time when she may be absorbed with caring for her new child. The cleaning service can take the additional burden of household chores off the new parents, so they can concentrate on adjusting to the new addition to the family.

If you are like many people who have a busy life and still want a clean and pleasant environment in your home, cleaning services like we offer at Maid Right® can take care of the everyday cleaning tasks, so you can have more time for family events and time with friends.

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