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Easy De-Cluttering Steps from Sugar Land’s Choice for Quality Cleaning Services

quality cleaning services and decluttering Everyone has some clutter lying around their home. But if yours is getting out of control and leading to anxiety, you’re not alone. In fact, cluttered spaces leave most people feeling stressed, helpless, and overwhelmed. As the area’s quality choice for cleaning services, Maid Right of Sugar Land is here to help. We have the tips and guidance you need to take control of clutter and de-stress your home.

Step #1: Set Small Goals

You want to go big with your de-cluttering project. But if you’re too ambitious, you might wind up derailing yourself in the process. Instead, set small, attainable goals, focusing on high-priority areas. That might mean focusing your efforts on one room at time or simply on certain areas throughout your home that are cramped and overflowing. Also, create a schedule to help you complete your de-cluttering project in a timely manner.

Step #2: Stay Organized with a Sorting System

As Sugar Land’s choice for high quality cleaning services, we recommend the four-box approach to help you de-clutter. That means taking four boxes or bins and labeling each with “keep,” “donate,” “recycle,” and “garbage.” This forces you to get organized and make a decision about each and every item. When you’re ready to end each de-cluttering session, put the “keep” items away, store the “donate” and “recycle” items outside, and trash your “garbage” items.

Step #3: Stay Determined to De-Clutter

Decluttering might sound great in theory. But then, when you’re actually forced to make a decision about an item, it can be hard to let go. Instead, set your mind to seeing the project through. When you’re not sure about something, ask yourself how often you use it. If it’s never or rarely, then donate it to someone who would get use out of it. Often, when you realize you’re holding on to items you don’t use, but someone else could, it’s easier to let go.

Step #4: Schedule Maid Right of Sugar Land’s Quality Cleaning Services

After your home is thoroughly de-cluttered, you want to make sure it’s clean, too. That’s where the high-quality cleaning services from Maid Right of Sugar Land can help. Whether you’d like to schedule a one-time service or regular housekeeping, we can ensure your home is spotlessly cleaned from top to bottom.

Get the highest quality cleaning services – backed by the industry’s strongest guarantee – with Maid Right of Sugar Land. Call us today at (832) 240-7655 to schedule your free consultation.

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