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Odor-Busting Maid Services in Sugar Land

women in kitchen cleaned by maid right maid services Are you tired of living with stubborn household odors at your home in Sugar Land, TX? If you’re stuck with an odor problem, you may be embarrassed to have guests over or have trouble relaxing in your own home. At Maid Right of Sugar Land, our maid service tackles even the most stubborn smells using innovative cleaning systems, experienced methods, and eco-friendly products. When you choose to work with our maid services, you can say goodbye to problem odors for good.

Our Maid Service’s Odor-Busting Methods

Some household smells seem like they just won’t budge no matter how hard you clean. Our maid service in Sugar Land comes prepared to take on these odors with our high-tech cleaning systems and products. Here are just a few of the methods used by our Cleaning Pros to solve your odor problem:

  • Thorough, whole-home disinfection—every time. As part of our core cleaning checklist in Sugar Land, our maid service provides a floor-to-ceiling clean with an exclusive disinfecting system, MR Shield®. MR Shield®eliminates 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria, germs, and viruses on every clean. Thanks to its special misting applicator, MR Shield®even treats surfaces that are difficult to clean with traditional methods. The result is a cleaner home that is free of lingering odors.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning agents. Have you ever worked with a maid service that continually used bleach, ammonia, or other toxic chemical cleaners? If so, you’re likely familiar with the harsh smells that these types of cleaners can leave behind. These types of cleaners don’t only contribute to noxious odors in your house—they can also be unsafe for your health and the health of the planet. Our maid service chooses non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaners over dangerous chemical cleaners. In addition to effectively fighting dirt and grime, our cleaning formulas give your home a spring-fresh scent.
  • Indoor air filtration with an advanced vacuuming system. We use high-tech ProTeam HEPA filter vacuums to get rid of air pollution in your home. These vacuums filter out harmful airborne particles, including dust, dander, and other irritating allergens. After a visit from our maid service, you’ll notice improved indoor air quality and an absence of musty, stale odors.

Are you in search of odor-busting maid services in Sugar Land? Call Maid Right of Sugar Land today at (832) 240-7655 for more information about scheduling a free cleaning consultation for your home in the Sugar Land area.

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