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Life is Short. Clean Less.

Time for a Thorough Home Cleaning?

It’s Saturday morning, and you finally have a few minutes to relax on the sofa and enjoy your routine cup of Joe. There you are resting peacefully, throw blanket and all, when your eye catches it. Gathered under the living room occasional chair are seriously out-of-control collections of dust and dander.

You lie there thinking, I’ll get the Swiffer® after it – no biggie. Then, as you look around, you begin to notice that not only has the dust gathered on the floors, it has accumulated on the blinds, mirrors, light fixtures, and oh my…it’s everywhere!

Okay, now you’re dragging out the vacuum cleaner, dust mop, and (empty) dust polish bottle. Already breaking a sweat, it occurs to you that it has been a while since your humble abode had a heavy-duty cleaning. In almost that exact same moment, you realize that your relaxing Saturday morning is officially not happening.

Does thorough home cleaning seem like a monumental task that you never quite get around to? With busy work schedules, schlepping the kids here and there, and everyday chores, it’s no wonder. Of all the things you could make time for, your home cleaning regimen is likely not one of them.

Don’t spend your weekends collecting dust bunnies. Leave it to us – the experts of professional home cleaning services. Let Maid Right customize a home cleaning routine to fit your busy lifestyle today.

Life is short. Clean less.®

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