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Life is Short. Clean Less.

Residential Cleaning Services in Waxhaw

At Maid Right of Waxhaw, we’re proud to bring a higher standard of home cleaning services to local homeowners. We set ourselves apart with highly personalized and responsive services, expert cleaning teams, and powerful cleaning products that help keep your home safe and healthy. You’ll notice our unparalleled results not just in your sparkling clean windows, spotless countertops, and dust-free shelves, but also in how healthy, clean, and airy your home feels.

Reasons our Cleaning Team is the First Choice in Waxhaw

There are a number of qualities and services that have established our reputation as the premium home cleaning team in the region.

  • Branded Systems: By developing and employing cutting-edge cleaning technology, our cleaning company is able to provide a quality of service unlike any other. For example, our HEPA filter vacuums reduce indoor air pollution while also cleaning your floors. Our MR Shield® disinfection system does double duty as it eliminates 99% of bacteria and viruses on all surfaces in addition to neutralizing stubborn odors.
  • In-Depth Processes: Our step-by-step cleaning processes are designed to ensure a consistent and thorough cleaning on every occasion. Our business model involves training and certifying owner-operators in how to provide exceptional cleaning services. This holds the team to exceptionally high standards and ensures no one ever overlooks a detail when cleaning your house.
  • Customer-Driven Approach: Because every home and family has unique needs, we make a point of allowing our customers to create detailed and customized routines based on whatever preferences you may have.
  • Prioritizing health & safety: Every team member wears a uniform so you can be confident that your worker has been vetted and hand-selected to perform the job. We also use green, environmentally neutral cleaning products.

Simple Ways to Keep the Home Cleaner

If you’re overwhelmed just thinking about all the house cleaning you have to do to keep your home tidy, remember that it’s best to start small. Here are some easy tips you can use as part of your daily routine to keep your house clean and organized:

Create a bed-making habit: Making your bed in the morning only takes seconds and can give you a leg up on having a clean bedroom. Add this house cleaning practice to your morning routine and see how much better you feel with a bedroom that looks tidier and more organized.

Eliminate piles of clothes: Keep laundry from piling up by doing a small load of washing every day. You’ll only spend a few minutes folding and putting away your daily load, but having your clothes where they belong will make a drastic difference in how clean your Waxhaw home looks.

Keep your kitchen fresh. Use a little bit of lemon and baking soda for a house cleaning hack that can freshen up your kitchen on the fly. Sprinkle baking soda on your grimy cutting boards and rub over it with a cut lemon to remove stains and build-up. You can also put lemon rinds and cold water down your garbage disposal to deal with lingering funky smells.

Make your cleaning tools accessible. Store your broom, dustpan, and vacuum cleaner in an area where you can easily reach them. This will make cleaning up unexpected messes faster and less stressful.

Deal with household odors. Even if your Waxhaw home is tidy and organized, stale or musty odors can make it feel unclean. That’s why it helps to keep a box of baking soda in areas that could use some additional freshening, such as the linen closet.

Call today at (704) 870-0939. Maid Right of Waxhaw isn’t just a Home cleaning service – it’s an investment in the health and safety of your home and family.

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