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Post-Construction Cleaning Services in Waxhaw

Cleaning New & Renovated Homes

Performing new construction or renovations on your home is tiring, even if you hire a crew for all the heavy lifting. The last thing you will want to do after finishing a construction project is cleaning up everything. Will you even have the time and energy to handle it?

Our professional team of home cleaners has all the cleaning tools and materials needed to make your home look sparkling after construction. Cleaning is our specialty and customer service is our passion!

Put down that broom and pick up the phone to dial (704) 870-0939 and connect with Maid Right of Waxhaw.

Top-to-Bottom After Construction Cleaning Services

Your home will need a deep clean after you complete a construction or remodeling project. Pretty much every room in your home will get dusty and dirty as people move through them, often hauling large pieces of construction equipment with them. In other words, the room that was upgraded will not be the only one that needs some cleaning after renovation.

Of course, the room that was built or upgraded will need a lot of attention. Construction crews are usually contracted to build or demolish something, but they rarely clean up the mess they make while working. You are expected to do it yourself, which might not be an option depending on your schedule, health, or energy levels. That’s where Maid Right of Waxhaw steps in, takes over, and really shines.

Our post-construction cleaning services in Waxhaw can improve the following:

  • Walls: During a typical construction project, walls can get fairly beat up. You will probably see scuffs, smudges, and dirt stains on your walls around the rooms that were renovated, as well as along any paths or hallways used to bring tools to those rooms. We can clean up the walls with expertise, making it as if nothing ever happened.
  • Ceiling fans: Dust from a construction project will collect in every nook and corner, which we can dust away. But don’t overlook your ceiling fans! They can practically be dust magnets. We’ll handle dusting your home’s ceiling fans after new construction, so don’t worry about finding a ladder and long feather duster yourself.
  • Frames and baseboards: Window frames, door frames, and baseboards can also get relatively dirty from new construction. While you might not notice right away, you’ll be frustrated if you notice dirt and dust in these areas later on. Let us handle it so you know you get a thorough cleaning.
  • Interior masonry: To get masonry clean and looking brand-new, specialized cleaners are often required. We keep a full stock of cleaning supplies that make any post-construction cleaning job a breeze for our team.
  • Windows and glass: If you got windows or glass accents installed as part of your new construction, leave the cleaning of these delicate pieces to us. We can carefully remove any stickers or coverings on the windows and glass while giving a shine-clean to any other windows in your home that got dusty because of the construction.
  • Blinds, cabinets, and closets: Of course, a thorough after-construction cleaning service is not complete until all window coverings, cabinet doors, and closets are given some attention, too.

Cleaning with Your Health in Mind

Maid Right of Waxhaw uses an advanced cleaning method that prioritizes both a sparkling finish and your health. Our Maid Right Technics® cleaning technologies comply with American Lung Association HEPA filtration vacuum standards. Our MR Shield® Germ and Odor Neutralization system can reduce 99.99% of airborne germs, bacteria, and viruses but is also gentle enough to minimize the chances of bothering people with respiratory sensitivities.

Post-construction cleaning in Waxhaw is as easy as (704) 870-0939. Call now to get more information about our services and pricing.

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