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Why Choose Maid Right® of Fairfield Home Cleaning Services

When it comes to choosing a home cleaning service provider, you have a big decision to make. Are you looking for a cleaner who will pay close attention to the unique cleaning needs of your home? Are you looking for a company that can deliver a higher-quality clean than you’d get from supermarket cleaning products? Luckily for southeast Connecticut homeowners, choosing a home cleaning service is easy. At Maid Right of Fairfield, our home cleaning services bring detail-oriented service and top cleaning products together, allowing our team to deliver an exceptional clean.

Custom Home Cleaning for Norwalk

What sets Maid Right of Fairfield apart from other home cleaning service providers? The answer starts with the way our cleaning teams operate. Every Maid Right of Fairfield cleaning team is led by one of our trained pros. We don’t rotate cleaners or work with contract employees, so you’ll see the same team of cleaners on every visit to your home. What’s more, the cleaning pro in charge of your home’s cleaning services will be on site for every cleaning, ensuring consistency and an exacting eye for detail.

Our approach goes further by providing every homeowner with their own, customized cleaning plan. While other home cleaning service providers will use cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all cleaning plans, the team at Maid Right of Fairfield knows that no two homes are exactly alike. We work with you, using room-by-room assessments to build a cleaning plan unique to your home and its specific cleaning needs. If you have any special concerns or requests for your home, just let the Maid Right of Fairfield pro in charge of your services know.

The Maid Right of Fairfield Difference

The advantages offered by Maid Right of Fairfield don’t end with our unique approach to home cleaning services. They go well beyond that and include the advanced systems, products, materials, and equipment we use to deliver our cleanings.

With Maid Right of Fairfield, your home’s cleanings will be backed by our Maid Right Signature Clean®, Maid Right Technics®, and Maid Right Tracker® systems. We use these systems to set standards for our services, deliver high-quality results, then measure those results so we never miss a spot.

Our maid services are also delivered using a unique suite of cleaning products and technologies. These include our MR Shield® system — an exclusive, family-safe method of neutralizing odor and germs from almost any surface. We also use HEPA filter vacuums, microfiber cloths and mop pads, and a set of fully eco-friendly cleaning agents.

Call (203) 439-5156 today for a free home cleaning service estimate from Maid Right of Fairfield. Our services are available in Fairfield, Norwalk, and West Port.

Commitment To Quality

We have a vested interest in your complete satisfaction. We’re dedicated—not to being the low-cost alternative—but to providing exceptional cleaning at a good value. We are raising the standard for what “clean” means.

Odor & Germ Elimination

The MR Shield® system is our exclusive germ and odor neutralization process that reaches the places that you can’t, eliminating 99.99% of household germs. It’s safe for the environment and everyone in your home. We use it every time we clean—at no additional charge. This is a game-changer – no one else has a comparable solution in the industry today!

Service Guarantee

Our Cleaning Pros are committed to growing their reputation through the long-term satisfaction of customers like you. That’s why we offer the strongest guarantee in the industry.

Why Maid Right house cleaning services? Here are some of the benefits we offer:

Your Cleaner Cares — Our cleaners clean your house the way you like it. They have a vested interest in keeping you happy.

Same Crew Each Time — Our reliable, stable crews understand your specific cleaning needs.

Leading-Edge Technologies — We use safe, hospital-grade disinfectants; HEPA filtration backpack vacuums for cleaner floors and air; and color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths to reduce cross-contamination.

Proven Cleaning Processes — Our home cleaning service keeps your home sparkling clean and germ free. Our exclusive MR Shield® whole-house disinfecting process kills 99% of common bacteria and viruses by reaching and clinging to areas normal cleaning cannot reach.

It all adds up to superior cleaning and protection from harmful bacteria — from industry leading professionals who personally care for your home.

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