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  • Maid Right professional home cleaning services
Maid Right house cleaning services

House Cleaning Services from the Business Owners

Unlike other cleaning services, at Maid Right, your cleaner is the business owner. They have invested in the opportunity to clean your home. You have the same cleaner who cares about making your home spotless each visit.

Exclusive Disinfectant System protects your family

Our exclusive whole home EnviroShield® disinfecting process safely eliminates 99% of common bacteria and viruses such as H1N1 and Ecoli.  This process also eliminates unwanted odors.

Reduces Cross-contamination

Our highly trained crews use HEPA-rated backpack vacuums that remove 99% of airborne particles. Maid Right’s trademarked processes, technologies and quality control guarantees exceptional home cleaning each visit. Our color-coded microfiber cleaning cloth system ensures that the cloths from the bathroom never touch your kitchen countertops.

Strongest Guarantee in Residential Cleaning

At Maid Right, we take great pride in providing you with the best home cleaning. Our commitment to you is that we will correct any issues within two business days. If we have not met your needs, we will provide a complimentary cleaning on your next service.  Your satisfaction comes first.  Call Maid Right for a cleaner, fresher home.  We take care of your home cleaning so you can enjoy more time. 


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