Cleaning your home as a Maid Right owner is my business… literally!

A Deeper Commitment to Cleaning Your Home

Meet Other Franchise Owners

Cleaning your home as a Maid Right owner is my business… literally!

House Cleaning Services from Owners Who Care

“As a Maid Right owner, I bring exceptional cleaning services to your home each time I visit. Instead of cleaners that come and go every few weeks, I learn your exact cleaning preferences and you receive my personal attention with every clean. To learn more about other unique Maid Right benefits , click here.”


Exclusive Cleaning Methods Deepen the Clean

Our Maid Right trademarked processes provide for a deeper clean each visit.
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Your Satisfaction Comes First

Our customers love that our cleaners are the business owner as well, so they focus on delivering a quality clean.

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Revolutionary Protection for Your Home

Our exclusive disinfecting system protects all areas of your home and removes odors.

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Blog 4.15
April 15, 2015

Put Your Tax Refund to Work

Rosana Riveros & Arnaldo Paulino, Palm Beach, FL Maid Right Owners While many of us use tax refunds to buy a new TV or even put a down payment on a car, Rosana Riveros & Arnaldo Paulino decided to use their amended tax return Rosana received after becoming a citizen in January, 2015 to start…