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Life is Short. Clean Less.

Our Cleaning Services

Trustworthy House Cleaning & Maid Company

Being a homeowner is a wonderful thing. But it comes with a lot of responsibility. A home requires constant upkeep and can often be overwhelming. Cleaning is one of the necessary evils of homeownership and something few people enjoy. In a perfect world, you would have a clean home every day without ever having to lift a finger. With Maid Right, that dream can become a reality. We are an exceptional home cleaning service that provides thorough cleaning solutions for every inch of your home. We combine personalized service, commercial-grade systems, and superior client care to deliver an experience that will leave you nothing short of satisfied.

Maid Right is a personalized maid service that delivers non-toxic and eco-friendly floor-to-ceiling house cleanings. We deliver results that other cleaners can’t by using techniques and tools that our competitors don’t. We offer one-time cleaning to prepare you for a special event and recurring cleaning for busy families with hectic schedules. Whatever your needs and no matter the size of your home, our maid company has a solution.

Maid cleaning the cabinet

Results for Every Inch of Your Home

Every home has its own unique set of cleaning requirements. Certain rooms need more attention than others. For example, a kid’s play area should probably be cleaned more often than the living room. We understand that everyone has their own style, routines, and preferences. That’s why we offer a variety of cleaning solutions to fit every home and budget.

Our extensive array of services includes:

Take Back Your Weekend

Life is short. Stop spending your weekend cleaning and start spending it doing what you love. With Maid Right, you can count on a reliable certified house cleaning service that is insured and delivers total-home results each and every time. Maid Right is an award-winning company that is quickly expanding and continually providing superior service all across the country.

Maid Right proudly offers:

  • Total customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Advanced technology and methods
  • Trustworthy credentials
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Upholding the Highest Standards

We are your locally owned and operated cleaning company with familiar faces and hometown values. You'll always know who is in your home when you're not there. We want our customers to have the utmost confidence in not just our professional capacity but also in the way that we care for your home.

Here at Maid Right we continuously strive to provide you with a level of personal comfort and trust while always exceeding our competition. Here's how we set ourselves apart:

  • Maid Right Signature Clean: Our detail-oriented methodology ensures a spotless floor-to-ceiling clean, every time.
  • Maid Right Technics® cleaning technology: Our backpack HEPA filtration vacuums deliver maximum clean without dirtying the air while our color-coded microfiber cleaning cloth and mop systems prevent cross-contamination on surfaces throughout your home.
  • MR Shield: This EPA/CEPA-approved proprietary technology eliminates odors, destroys 99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses, and protects the surfaces in your home for days after they've been cleaned. Our hospital-grade disinfection system doesn't leave a sticky film but does protect your family's health.