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The ABC’s of Spring Cleaning

The ABC’s of Spring Cleaning

With Spring comes Dogwood Festivals, Family Reunions and Spring sports. If your home is looking a little dull these days, there are many ways to brighten it up.

Maid Right house cleaners can develop a custom plan to help your home shine. They will provide a free in-home estimate with a deep clean throughout your home to get it back in shape. Since they bring their own supplies, you don’t have to worry about buying these to get the work done.

From the small jobs that are easy to see to arduous ones lurking in your kitchen and closets, remember these basics.

• A – Area by Area: Break down your home from room to room into bite-size categories. Decide if you want to tackle the toughest room like a dirty bathroom first or start with a small area that’s easy to clean quickly like a bookshelf. You can celebrate the victories either way.

• B – Bottoms Up: Whether you’re in a wet climate or one where you haven’t seen the ground in months due to heavy drifts of snow, now is the time to clean, protect and prepare your floors for another year. From caring for hardwoods or shampooing rugs extra effort now will ensure they are protected and your home sparkles again with a clean scent that welcomes family and friends.

• C – Clear the Clutter: As you take stock of what needs to be organized, ask yourself a question: “If I had to make a major move to a new home, what would I not want to pay to move?” Whatever you list needs to go. Clothes you haven’t worn in a year or two. Kitchen gadgets that outlived their miracle prowess years ago. Gifts you will never use. Get rid of them.

Whatever doesn’t get tossed, sort, organize then put away. From clothes in your closet to the toiletries and make-up in your bathroom drawer to spices in your kitchen cabinets, toss, sort, organize, put away.

• D – DELEGATE: As the old saying goes, “Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.” Going it alone will not only make for a long day and sore muscles, but it could also lead to missed spots and overlooked opportunities.

Assign chores to other members of your family, or turn over the entire task to a team dedicated to helping not only clean your home, but allowing you to make more of your free time. Spring Cleaning specials are available now with Maid Right.

Finally, whether you take on the challenge yourself of choose someone else to care for your home as you would, don’t forget safety. Now’s the time of year to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and make sure your first-aid kit and medicine cabinet are up to date and fully stocked.