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How to Keep Your Entryway Clean During Winter

How to Keep Your Entryway Clean During Winter

During the colder months of the year, it can be a challenge to keep your entryway clean of snow, slush, salt, and dirt. It’s easy to track snow and slush into your home with winter clothing. Without safeguards in place, this can lead to messy floors and puddles.

So how can you keep your entryway clean during winter? At Maid Right, our cleaning experts have years of experience when it comes to winter cleaning. So, we’ve compiled the following set of tips and suggestions for how you can limit entryway snow, slush, salt, and dirt issues during winter.

Boot Trays & Mats Help Capture Melt

The biggest culprit for tracking snow and slush into your home during winter will always be footwear. Winter boots have deep treads that help wearers avoid slipping on snow and ice — but those treads also trap tons of packed snow and slush. As soon as boots are brought inside, the snow and slush starts melting, leading to a puddle-filled entryway.

One of the best ways to keep your entryway clean during winter is to use boot trays. Any watertight tray with raised edges will work. By placing boots directly into this tray, all snowmelt is collected before it has the chance to form a puddle on your floor.

Another smart tip is to install mats inside and outside your entry doors. Make sure you choose the right kind of mat in each case. Remember that a summer mat that’s meant for dust and dry dirt won’t be able to stand up to snow in winter months.

Open Storage Allows Clothes to Dry

Most people stuff away their winter coats in the closet, even after they’ve come in from a snowstorm. But if your winter coat has snow stuck to its exterior, a closed-in space like a closet can be a bad idea. By putting a snowy coat in the closet, you prevent it from getting the air it needs to dry out. This is just as true of snow pants, mittens, gloves, winter hats, and scarves.

One simple solution is open storage for winter clothes. Leave your closet open to invite airflow. Or, better yet, hang coats on pegs or racks that allow them to properly dry out. As for winter accessories, avoid using baskets or bins where items are just thrown in. Instead, consider a peg board or drying rack.

Use the Right Cleaning Materials

Even if you install boot trays and allow winter clothes to properly dry, chances are you’ll still see tracked snow, slush, salt, and dirt in your entryway. The best response is to clean this area often and to use materials that will make cleaning easy.

At Maid Right, our house cleaning teams use microfiber mop pads to damp-mop entryway floors. Microfibers are thinner than silk, which means microfiber mops have a higher amount of overall surface area for trapping dust, dirt, and grim. With the right floor cleaning detergent, this can make all the difference in the amount of time you spend cleaning your floors.

Need a hand around the home with winter cleaning this year? Contact your local Maid Right office today at (855) 624-3744 to learn about our cleaning services.