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Use Everyday House Cleaning Products to Get Rid of Pet Stains

Use Everyday House Cleaning Products to Get Rid of Pet Stains

Pet stains are the bane of any cat or dog owner’s existence. No matter how hard you work to train your pet, and no matter how much newspaper you put down, chances are that at some point or another you’ll have to deal with an “accident.” Luckily, there are a number of pet-safe options — including everyday house cleaning products — that you can use to deal with pet stains in your home’s carpet.

Fresh Stains? Just Use Water

If you catch an accident just after it happens, you may need no more than water to prevent a long-term stain. Simply use paper towel to soak up any urine, making sure to only blot the affected area. Rubbing can cause fresh stains to penetrate deeper into the surface or fibers of your floor.

Once you’ve blotted out as much of the urine as possible, use a wet paper towel to soak the area with water. Blot this up with more paper towels. Continue doing this until there is no trace of smell or discoloration.

Baking Soda & Vinegar

Baking soda and white vinegar may be the two most versatile products for DIY house cleaning projects. They work a treat on pet stains as well. Baking soda is one of nature’s safest and most effective odor neutralizers, while vinegar can help you get at tough stains that have penetrated carpet fibers.

To clean a stain with baking soda and vinegar, you can mix the two together along with some warm water, then apply the mixture to the stain. Or you can apply the vinegar first, let it soak into the stain, then add the baking soda after. In either case you’ll want to rinse and blot your carpet with water and paper towel afterwards.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Dish Soap & Baking Soda

Another eco-friendly and pet-safe method is to use hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and baking soda. First, sprinkle the baking soda over the stain. Then use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, water, and a dash of dish soap and pour it over the area. Let this sit for 15 minutes, then blot-dry the area and vacuum it thoroughly.

Call in the House Cleaning Experts

When you want your house looking great and smelling clean, it’s time to call in the house cleaning experts from Maid Right. Our house cleaning teams only ever use pet-safe cleaning materials. We even neutralize odors using our exclusive EnviroShield® system.

Get rid of tough pet stains by calling your local house cleaning experts. Call Maid Right today at (855) 624-3744 to book a house cleaning for your home.