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Home Cleaning Products & Respiratory Health

Home Cleaning Products & Respiratory Health

Respiratory health concerns are more common than most Americans probably think. One in eleven Americans has been diagnosed with asthma, one in seven is prone to sinusitis, while more than 15 million Americans suffer from some form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

If you suffer from respiratory issues, airborne irritants can be a major problem. That can make cleaning your home more difficult. If you use supermarket cleaning products in your home, you are likely exposing yourself to fumes and irritants that are linked with poor respiratory health.

The good news? It’s easy to identify the worst offenders and replace them with green cleaning products or services.

How Chemical Cleaners Affect Respiratory Health

The average supermarket’s cleaning aisle is filled with all kinds of chemicals. A number of these are harmless, or pose a limited risk to your health. But repeated exposure to many of these products can have a big impact on respiratory function.

Recent studies have shown just how big that impact can be. One study performed in Norway found that women who used common household cleaning products suffered from a 14% reduction in lung function over a 20-year period. Another study, run by the University of Montreal, found that women with asthma had their symptoms triggered after using common cleaning products. Symptoms often lasted overnight and got worse with repeated exposure.

Not sure which products to avoid? Two of the worst chemicals for respiratory health are also two of the most commonly used in household: bleach, which is used as a disinfectant, and ammonia, which is a key ingredient in most glass cleaners. But many other products contain irritants that are just as bad, including air fresheners, scented detergents, furniture polish, and a number of name-brand chemical cleaners.

Cleaning Strategies to Help You Breathe Easy

If you’re worried about your respiratory health, the solution shouldn’t be to stop cleaning. Dust, bacteria, allergens, and mold spores will all lead to serious respiratory problems, so a detailed cleaning of your home is often one of the best ways to improve your respiratory health.

Instead, the best thing to do is switch to healthier cleaning products. You can do this simply by relying on natural cleaners, like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. If you need to disinfect surfaces, you can use hydrogen-peroxide, which doesn’t produce harsh fumes. You can also switch to certified green cleaning products found at your local supermarket.

Outside of avoiding chemical cleaners, you can also switch up the cleaning materials and technologies you use to reduce airborne irritants. Microfiber cloths and mop-pads will trap dust more effectively than other materials, preventing it from building up or getting in the air when you clean. You should also consider using a HEPA-filter vacuum, and may want to consider installing a HEPA filtration system in your home.

If all this seems too much to do on your own, you can always bring in the professionals. Maid Right’s green cleaning services are the perfect choice for anyone concerned about their respiratory health. Our Cleaning Pros use green cleaning products and technologies that help those with respiratory issues maintain air quality at home.

Find out more about Maid Right’s green cleaning services or call (855) 624-3744 today to connect with Cleaning Pros in your area.