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How Different Carpets Can Impact Ease-of-Cleaning

How Different Carpets Can Impact Ease-of-Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning is important if you want your carpets to last. Most manufacturers recommend vacuuming twice a week and hiring a deep-cleaning service once a year to prevent discoloration and premature wear.

But depending on the type of fiber material, type, and length of your carpet, you could have a much tougher time keeping your carpets clean. Different styles of carpets attract stains and dirt more easily, and some will have specific cleaning needs or concerns.

Fiber Materials

Most carpeting is made using one of four materials: nylon, wool, olefin, or polyester. Each of these materials reacts to spills, dirt, dust, and mildew differently.

  • Nylon. Most nylon fibers stand up well to spills, grit, and mildew, and they don’t typically require special care. However, low-quality nylon can be susceptible to wear and may need vacuuming and deep-cleaning more frequently.
  • Wool. Wool is excellent for spills, stains, and wear, so it can be vacuumed and deep-cleaned on a regular schedule. It can, however, be more at risk for mildew. More importantly, it has to be cleaned differently than other fibers. If not, you could damage and ruin your carpet.
  • Olefin/Polyester. Olefin and polyester are different materials, but have similar cleaning concerns. Both accumulate stains more easily and wear down more quickly than nylon or wool. Avoid tracking dirt onto these materials if possible and vacuum regularly to prevent grit from getting into the fibers.

Pile Type

Carpeting comes in three basic types: cut pile, loop pile, or cut-and-loop pile. Specific loop styles — like Berber carpets — will be easier to clean because they trap lower rates of dirt and dust, and will therefore last longer before they become stained or discolored.

Some pile types require special care when vacuuming or cleaning. For instance, loop pile styles can have their fibers damaged by the beater bar on your vacuum, so you should vacuum loop carpeting with the beater bar powered off.

Pile Length

Carpet pile length can vary quite a bit between low and high pile options. Low and medium pile carpeting is typically easy to vacuum and clean. High pile carpeting, however, is a different story.

High pile styles, like plush and shag carpeting, can be a major pain to maintain and clean. Their fibers have more surface area, so they attract dirt, oils, and residues more easily and take longer to clean. Long, densely packed fibers also mean that dirt and grit can penetrate into the carpet more easily.

High pile carpeting can even require specialty equipment. Most vacuums aren’t built for long fibers, and can damage shag or plush carpets. This means you might need to buy a pricy, specialty vacuum if you have plush carpeting.

If you are a Maid Right® customer  and have a carpet with special cleaning concerns, simply let us know. We will be happy to help address your home cleaning needs.