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Kitchen Organization Hacks

Kitchen Organization Hacks

When you’re storing items in your home, it’s not how much space you have, but how you use the space available. Sometimes, that takes a little ingenuity. In many cases, you can open up all kinds of space by taking an item usually meant for storing one thing and using it to store something else.

Looking for latest ways to use storage space in your home? Try these seven household storage ideas for repurposing everyday items.

Shower Caddy for Fresh Produce

Hanging shower caddies are great for holding shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. But they’re equally capable of holding fresh produce for room temperature storage. Instead of hanging a caddy from your shower head, hang one from a command hook on the side of a cupboard or inside the door. It’ll give you the perfect place to store garlic, ginger, and fresh peppers.

Dish Drying Rack for Coloring Supplies

Here’s a neat new use for an everyday dish drying rack: transform it into a station for coloring. Nestle coloring books into the slots where you usually put plates, then use the utensil holder as a container for crayons, markers, and/or colored pencils.

Pegboards for Kitchen Odds & Ends

Pegboards aren’t just for the workshop in your garage anymore. They’re also perfect for hanging odds and ends in the kitchen, like pots, pans, and large utensils. They also work great for storing items over children’s desks and play areas.

Shoe Organizer for Pantry Storage

Your pantry can be a hard place to organize. Tidying up gets a lot easier with an item meant for footwear, not food wares. Use an over-the-door pocket shoe organizer to give yourself a ton of extra storage space in your pantry, perfect for spice jars, snacks, and other small items.

Glass Cookie Jars for Hair Accessories

Need a place to stuff your hair clips, scrunchies, and other hair accessories? Consider repurposing glass cookie jars for the job. They’re perfect for holding these items, have a wide enough mouth that you can easily grab accessories when you need them, plus you’ll have no problem spotting the accessories you’re looking for.

Tension Rod for Spray-Bottle Cleaners

Tension rods are typically used to hang curtains in windows and showers. But mounting a tension rod across the cabinet underneath your kitchen sink gives you the perfect place to hang spray-bottle cleaning supplies. Simply hang the bottles with the tension rod behind the trigger.

Shower Curtain Rings for Scarves

Finding a convenient and sensible way to store scarves can be tricky. A great solution might be hiding in your bathroom. You can turn an everyday hanger into an item tailor-made for scarves by clipping shower rings to the bottom, then using the rings to hold your scarves in place.