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How To: Gift Wrapping Hacks

How To: Gift Wrapping Hacks

Uh-oh. Everything else about the holiday season is great, from food to family to singing and twinkling lights, you love this season (and we do to!) But there is just one, tiny thing that can really limit your enjoyment of the season: gift wrapping. Never fear!

Maid Right has your back! Whether we’re keeping your home clean in the rush of the holiday season or feeding you our best gift-wrapping secrets, you and your home are always our #1 priority. Terrible at wrapping gifts? Here are some hacks around this holiday bump-in-the-road.

Problem: When you wrap a gift, you see more tape than wrapping paper.

Solution: Use ribbons and other decorating baubles to your advantage! More ribbon, more sparkle and more distraction mean hiding a messy usage of tape. Fortunately, there are sparkling ribbons and twirly bows in abundance this season. Plus don’t forget to put a big ol’ gift tag!

Problem: Paper gets tangled into balls instead of folded into sheets.

Solution: Follow the lines of the box you are wrapping. Simply use the edge of the box to create the lines of the wrapping paper and then put tape to keep the paper attached. No need to worry about fancy folding techniques or perfectly symmetrical lines. Just follow the lines of the box!

Problem: Uh-oh, it’s the night before Christmas and you’re out of wrapping paper with plenty of gifts left to wrap!

Solution: Get creative! Use the comics section of the newspaper for a funny unwrapping experience or brown parchment paper used for baking. Tied with twine, the parchment paper gives the gift a farmhouse chic look that is definitely trending. Or find other scraps of paper – old maps are also a great idea for unique wrapping paper.

Problem: All the bows have been snagged by competing holiday elves.

Solution: Tuck a sprig of greenery or red berries into a simple twine bow, whether it is snipped from the tree or found outside. Simple, pleasing and totally in-season this isa great alternative to bows.

Problem: The shape of this gift is…unwrappable.

Solution: Admit defeat and find a bag. Even the best gift-wrappers are humble enough to know when they’re up against something they can’t defeat! Bags with tissue paper look just as lovely under the tree as boxes do.

At the end of the day, it truly is the thought that counts –not the wrapping that gussies it up. But we hope that these hacks help make your holiday season a little less stressful. At Maid Right, we always are striving to make your every day a little more joyful with a little more “you” time. Visit today to learn more about booking a recurring service for the holiday season and beyond.