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How to Clean Wine Stains

How to Clean Wine Stains

This is the dreaded party/dinner/holiday foul: spilling wine on your clothes, on your host's couch or even on someone else! Yikes, the embarrassment is real but it also happens to all of us. Fear not, cleaning experts Maid Right are here to help you save face no matter the situation.

There are many methods to get wine stains out. White wine is much easier to remove than red wine. From the tried-and-true family traditions to eco-friendly pastes and more chemical options, we’ve gathered several different options to allow you to be able to save face (and your favorite sweater!)


Treat the stain right away! The faster you get to it, the more chance you have of getting it out. Try to dab away as much wine as possible but avoid rubbing it – this will only set the stain further in the fabric’s fibers.

Old but gold

Apartment Therapy offers two options for tried-and-true solutions that have survived the ages. One is to use pour salt on the stain and let it soak it up overnight and then wash the fabric with a little bit of baking soda. OR use club soda to rinse the stain away. Maybe a combination of both works! Salt is particularly great for carpets and couches that can’t be thrown in the washer.

Get DIY creative

If those tricks aren’t cutting it, try an eco-friendly paste from eco-blogger Moral Fibres of baking soda and water. Leave this on the stain until it dries and then wash off with club soda. Or go DIY from Vinepair with a mixture of Dawn dishwashing soap and hydrogen peroxide. Soak your stained clothes and then wash them normally. This can bleach colors to be wary!

And for the carpet, put baking soda on the stain and then wipe up with a cloth soaked in white vinegar. After its dried, vacuum up the extra baking soda.

Have you tried any of these methods? What is your go-to method for cleaning up party fouls? Now that you Maid Right backing you up, you can feel free to enjoy your glass of wine no matter when or where! Cheers to that!