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How to Survive A School Project

How to Survive A School Project

As the school year gets underway, we guarantee that a new disaster is descending upon your house. Something that makes it harder than ever to keep things tidy and clean. A whirlwind of papers, glue sticks and markers, this beast is pops up in households all across the country. What is this? It’s the school project! These projects arrive in twos and threes, often spread across many different subject areas, each requiring their own messy supplies. While the science project requires live moss to be glued to a tri-fold board, the history project leaves scraps of sewing behind the Revolutionary War costume. It can be disheartening for you and disorganized for your kids to have school projects spread all over the house creating mess and chaos. But that’s why Maid Right has your back!

We know just how to tame the beast of the school project AND how to clean your kitchen counters to a sparkling perfect. Talk about multi-tasking! Maid Right is on your side this school year – book a recurring service to give your house, and yourself, a break today!

And there several ways you can organize your home better to allow for your kids to have a cleaner, less chaotic tussle with school projects.

  1. Re-purpose old shoe boxes as project boxes

Take old shoe boxes outside, lay them on newspaper and spray paint them in rainbow colors. Once they have dried, attach a small white board using a glue gun to each box. Then, as kids get assigned school projects, label each box with the name of the project PLUS the due date. Instruct your kids to put all the materials for each project in their individual boxes. This helps your student organize their projects and keep spaces tidy. All of these materials can easily be found at your local dollar store.

  1. Invest in a clear plastic vinyl tablecloth

Ok we know this sounds a little tacky but hear us out – plastic coated tablecloths making cleaning up a breeze and you can buy patterns that make the kids craft table not look terrible. Just a warm, wet cloth or sponge gets rid of most messes on these plastic tablecloths from glue to paint. You’ll never have to run around looking for newspapers to lay down again. And you’ll never discover dried paint on your dining room table ever again. Just put the clear plastic tablecloth over your regular one and never worry again. You don’t even have to change your normal tablecloth – just fold up the plastic one and you’re ready for dinner.

  1. Give kids their own space

The best solution is to give kids their own space to prevent projects from sprouting legs and walking all over the house. Localizing the chaos is often the best way to protect the whole house from descending into school project-monster mayhem. Our solution is to buy an old dining room table, you can often find workable-but-not-pretty tables for very little cost to yourself and use that as your kids’ project home-base. Depending on the space in your home, this can even be outdoors or on the porch!