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Top 10 Germiest Spots in Your Home

Top 10 Germiest Spots in Your Home

We all do our best to keep our homes clean. We wipe down the counters in the kitchen, occasionally vacuum the carpet and dust away spiderwebs. After a long day at work or corralling the kids, this can be exhausting!

But how would you feel if we told you that this good routine does not even touch the top 10 germiest spots in your home? The truth is that our homes, our places of refuge, can often be the very thing making us sick. In the middle of winter, we’re sure you feel either trapped in a cycle of coughing or watching everyone else’s runny noses with a sense of dread. Break the cycle NOW with Maid Right specialized MR Shield cleaning.This hygiene-izing process doesn’t just sanitize your home now – it leaves a protective layer on your home for weeks to come.

You’ll definitely be convinced to try MR Shield after you hear the top 10 germiest spots in your home! We used facts from CBSNews so you can trust these numbers!

10. Cutting Boards:These can harbor germs and cross-contamination if you use the same board to cut meat and vegetables. Up to 14% of cutting boards have molds and yeast.

9.Stove Knobs: These are details that you might not think to wash, especially if they’re not outwardly dirty. But if you’re going from cracking eggs in the morning to the stove knobs to turn on the heat, you could be accidentally tracking harmful germs. Plus think of all the people in your home that touch these knobs! Yuck.

8. Kitchen Counters: Yes you clean your kitchen counters but they still have germs! 32% of kitchen counters have coliform bacteria. Part of the issue is that we use kitchen counters for so much more than just food preparation. Kids scatter their backpacks on the counters and we put our purses and mail on them as well. Think about exactly where those things have been — from the school playground to the restaurant floor — we’re tracking all those germs directly onto our kitchen counters!

7. Pet Toys: We love pet kisses just as much as the next pet-owner, but this statistic is really worrying! 23% of pet toys have staph bacteria in them — these are the things bouncing around your house, spreading potentially harmful bacteria. Uh-oh!

6. Faucet handles: Just like the stove knobs, the faucet handles are constantly being touched and have layers of touch and bacteria on them. You do the right thing to wash your hands after handling raw meat, but make sure you don’t inadvertently leave germs behind on the faucet!

5. Coffee makers: Coffee is supposed to keep you going, not drag you down! Have you ever had the energy to clean your coffee maker? Well 50 % of them have molds and yeast so maybe you should!

4. Pet Bowls: Without realizing it, your pets could be spreading germs from their rarely-washed pet bowls. Throw these in the dishwasher every couple days to prevent your beloved pets from making you sick.

3. Toothbrush holders: This was probably the scariest statistic for us. Potentially harmful staph bacteria was found on 14% of toothbrush holders. We don’t think about it but, when we flush the toilet, tiny droplets of water with bacteria are spread around the bathroom which can build up on your toothbrush holders.

2. Kitchen sinks: The sink is for cleaning but…who cleans the sink! Nasty germs and bacteria can hang around, making your “clean dishes” less-than-clean.

1. Dish sponges/rags: Even the things you clean with can be harmful. Potentially-harmful staph was found on 18% of the dish sponges/rags surveyed in this study. Instead of doing good, your cleaning could actually be spreading germs.

Clean up these every-day places in your home that could be making you sick! Invest today in your family’s health with Maid Right and MR Shield cleaning today!