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How MR Shield Cleaning Protects Your Family

How MR Shield Cleaning Protects Your Family

MR Shield cleaning is offered exclusively by Maid Right and, in addition to being eco-friendly, it protects your loved ones from harmful bacteria and germs! There is so much to love about this incredible service. 

We love its protection.

MR Shield is a literal shield! Our trained professional cleaners cover your home with this proprietary mist that not only disinfects in the moment but also leaves a protective layer behind that continues to disinfect your home as new germs are brought in. The disinfecting power can keep your kids healthy (even though they face a barrage of germs at school) and the grandparents in great health when they come visit for the holidays. Your home can be a place of safety instead of a potential health hazard.

Because it’s a mist, MR Shield is able to clean and sanitize neglected, tough-to-reach and uneven surfaces in your home like computer keyboards, carpeting and upholstery! When’s the last time your wiped down your computer keyboard? Now you don’t have to worry about it with MR Shield!

We love its eco-friendly formula.

We all kind of know in that back of our heads that the harsh chemicals we often use to clean our houses aren’t necessarily the best for the environment. But faced with the choice between a clean home and the environment, we make the tough choice to protect our families. What if you didn’t have to make that choice? With MR Shield you can rest assured knowing that you are able to do both! MR Shield received the Environmental Protection Agency’s highest possible rating for being eco-friendly and non-toxic, making it particularly attractive for families with pets and young children.

We love its comfort.

And with all these benefits, the amazing thing about MR Shield is you won’t even notice it. It eliminates unwanted smells like smoke, food and pet odors and leaves no residue in its quick-drying coverage.And above all, for the sensitive folks in your family, it is non-irritating for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

MR Shield is a disinfection process from Maid Right cleaners that is good for the whole family and for the soul!