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How to Clean Up Glitter

How to Clean Up Glitter

We have a love-hate relationship with glitter and we bet you do too. We love adding glitter to small details, especially in the holiday season. A touch of glitter in an envelope as an added delightful surprise, a loop of glitter glued to the wrapped gifts under a tree adorned with glittery ornaments, glittery candles twinkling in the evening: we seriously love the shot of energy that glitter gives everything!

But…we also hate the mess. All these little touches of glitter also leave piles of glitter behind. We mean this figuratively because if it were just a pile of glitter we would not be as worried. Piles of glitter are relatively easy to just vacuum up. You know what isn’t easy to clean up? Glitter stuck in the grout between the tiles, glitter nestled in the whirls of your wooden floor, glitter showing up 6 months after the holidays and taunting you: glitter isn’t all that great when you have to clean it up.

But never fear, your secret weapon Maid Right is here! Not only do we have your back this holiday season (cleaning before and after your holiday parties is a breeze!) but we’ve prepared our secrets to getting rid of that stubborn glitter. Follow this fool-proof process to allow you to love glitter again!

First, vacuum up as much glitter as possible. Don’t do this quickly: if you move too quickly you will end up spreading rather than sucking-up the glitter. Move slowly and deliberately – feel free to pause over the glitter spots to really give it your all.

Second, take a wet cloth to gently wipe up the glitter from the ground. This works best for flat, even spaces.

Now you’re ready to move on to the more advanced moves.

For glitter that is stuck in the nooks and crannies of your floors, use Play-Doh to attract the glitter. Play-Doh is often on-hand and is malleable which makes it an awesome tool in getting all the glitter up. This is definitely a favorite!

Glitter often finds its way onto clothing and skin which can be frustrating. Take the time to slowly use a lint-roller to get glitter off of your clothes – this is also a great hack for the kitchen floor if the wet rag didn’t work! And for skin, use coconut oil to shake the flakes of glitter free.

Voila! Glitter free and already ready to forget to the hassle and dream of using glitter as soon as possible again.