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How To Make Your Bathroom a Spa

How To Make Your Bathroom a Spa

Where is the one place in your home that always has your back, that supports you no matter what, that prepares you to tackle the day and helps you to relax once you’re back home?

Your bathroom!

It has the power to change your mood in an instant; take the time to renew the space that renews you. Maid Right wants to support you to make time for self-care. Without self-care, you’ll run yourself sick trying to juggle all the balls that you’re in charge of. From your house to your kids to your job to your friends – how does anyone person get it all done?

Take a breath and one step back. Think about creating a space just for you and consider calling in some cleaning reinforcements at 855-624-3744 so you have well-deserved me-time.

The first step toward creating a spa-like environment is setting your goals. What do you want the space to convey? What is your goal for your space? Do you want to foster a sense of tranquility? Or do you want a refreshing and re-energizing catapult into the day?

Once you’ve decided on your theme, here’s a couple of concrete steps to make your dream a reality:

1. If it looks cozy and it feels cozy then it is cozy.

If you want a space where you can relax at the end of the day, a cozy retreat from the hectic world, then it should look and feel the part. Fill your desired spa with spa-level textures to elevate the space. Opt for a floor-length fuzzy spa-level bathroom with extra squishy slippers to wrap your whole body in comfort. Stick to natural elements like wicker and wood to simplify the space and definitely pick out the softest towels you can find.

2. Set your space apart with unique tiling.

Most people don’t have the opportunity to use tiling more than twice in their house: in their kitchen and their bathrooms. Take advantage of the opportunity to use unique tiling in your bathroom! Patterned tiling can highlight and tease out colors in your paint, while traditional tiling like terra cotta can evoke an ambience of Mediterranean cultures. A more recent trend is “subway tile”, a clean, traditional and classic tiling pattern.

3. Find contemplative artwork

Your spa-bathroom is not the place to use your newest loud Warhol print. Minimalist prints, black & white photography and meditative portraits help set a tranquil mood. Your mood is directly linked to visual stimulation. For example, if you spend a lot of time looking at the perfect families on social media, you can start to unfairly compare your own family with the “picture perfect” families online.  

Instead, make an intention to only let good vibes in. Find tranquility with a natural photo, like that of Ansel Adams or an artful poster of your favorite childhood book.

4. Install speakers to put your mind at ease with soft soothing music

Zen sounds, ocean waves and chirping birds; there’s a reason spas always play chirping, charming music! According to Live Strong, your heart rate changes according to the music you listen to. That’s why we all have our “pump up” music playlists for the gym! Pop songs for running and…slow songs for relaxing. Using this incredible mind-body connection to your advantage by filtering soothing sounds into your bathroom-spa.

5. Pamper your nose with good-smelling candles

And if you’re going to be good to your ears, be good to your nose too! Finish off your brand-new spa retreat with a couple strategically-placed candles; on the windowsills by the sink, a few flicker candles with a wafting aroma can completely change the feeling of your home.

Conjure up fond memories with a Homesick Candle that pack all the wistful smells of your beloved home state in a candle.

6. The best part of the spa is not having to clean up

Let the relaxation continue even after your spa time is up – make sure your personal “spa” is sparkling clean the next time you need me-time by booking your free consultation now with Maid Right. Whether for recurring service or a one-time visit, Maid Right always has your back.