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How to Organize Your Bedroom

How to Organize Your Bedroom

Organize your bedroom with Maid Right and learn how to relax the right way!

When you finally get back to your bedroom at the end of a long day, all you want is to be able to relax. After the busy-ness of life – work, family, friends, obligations, and all that traffic – the only thing you want to do is to come home and just totally relax.

But now, when you come home and kick off your shoes, instead of being welcomed by an oasis, you don’t even have space to sit on your bed because of the piles of clothes. The clutter on your dresser, the disarray in your closet, and the fact that you can’t even see your bedroom floor are all signs: it’s time to get some help.

First things first: call your friends at Maid Right. When you are matched up with the same cleaning team weekly, you can trust them to get the job done right! Next time you come home, you’ll be able to relax instead of vacuuming the carpet.

Second: organize your bedroom space better so that it stays cleaner, longer, in-between professional services by Maid Right. With these organizational hacks, putting stuff away takes half the time and brings you twice the joy. The next time you have a long day at work, you’ll be able to come and lie down exactly where you want to: on your clean bed!

Mini Marie-Kondo

We love Marie Kondo and we love her transformative style of cleaning up. But we also recognize that not everyone has time to do a full Marie Kondo-esque clean up. As a refresher, Marie Kondo instructs truly dedicated de-clutterers to take out all of their clothes – from the closet and the drawers – and put it all in one big pile on the bed so you can see just how much you own. The logic makes sense, but the time investment does not work for everyone.

Do a “mini” Marie Kondo by touching every single piece of clothing that you own and remembering the last time you wore it. If it was over a year ago, it has any stains or rips, or you don’t like it throw it in the donation box!

Taste the rainbow

If you have piles of books that just won’t stay organized, group your books not by title or by author but by color of their spine! If you organize a rainbow on your book shelf, it’s much easier and more visually pleasing to pop a book back into the rainbow then stressing over alphabetization. This makes clean up faster and more likely that you’ll actually do it!

Shoe storage is the best kind of storage

Shoes can clutter up your closet/entryway/hallway! Lift them up by installing tension rods on the inside of the closet and in that weird nook in your bedroom. This is a super easy – and not permanent! – way to add organization to your bedroom with minimal effort.

Removable hooks are your best friend

These are the best, most underrated, hardest working tools that will revolutionize your bedroom organization. Make the most out of the interior of your closet by using these to hang purses, bags, belts, scarves instead of leaving them in drawers or trying to hang them on the bedroom door. The best thing is: if you decide you want to try another position, you can simply pull them off and try again!

With these bedroom organization hacks, you can feel free to enjoy your space without the worry about cleaning up. These organizational ideas will keep your space cleaner for longer, while Maid Right takes care of the hard stuff!