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6 Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Tips

6 Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Tips

If you’re looking for environmentally friendly tricks to clean your home, search no further! We’ve compiled six of our favorite green cleaning tips in this month’s blog.

Invest in reusable cleaning items

Reduce your environmental footprint by minimizing the number of single-use cleaning items in your household. Rather than cleaning with paper towels, for example, consider swapping them out for sponges and rags.

Buy cleaning products in bulk

Purchase cleaning products, such as dish soap, in large quantities and redistribute them into smaller reusable containers for daily use. Aside from the eco-friendly benefits of buying in bulk, this tip can also save your family money in the long run.

Reduce your consumption of plastic packaging

Instead of buying products sold in plastic containers, consider looking for those wrapped in cardboard or paper packaging. One easy switch you can take is converting from bottled soap to bar soap. When possible, look for products stored in recycled plastic containers.

Get the most out of the products you buy

Use the cleaning products you buy to their full potential. It can be easy to toss out a partially filled container in the interest of convenience. By using all of the product before trashing it, you will help reduce consumption and waste. While getting one more use out of a nearly empty container of dish soap may seem like a small change, it still has the potential to create a positive difference.

Freshen air with essential oils and flowers

A nice smelling space complements a clean home. Rather than using harmful air sprays that damage the environment and can irritate skin, purchase an essential oil diffuser or fresh flowers. They not only make great decor, but they smell great as well. One benefit of using a diffuser is that the essential oil is diluted with water, so it is gentle on the skin. Many diffusers continually release a mist, which means a more subtle and lasting scent than traditional, unnatural air fresheners.

Use products that are Green Seal certified

Green Seal certified products meet rigorous standards for health, sustainability, and product performance. Maid Right products like our all-purpose peroxide are Green Seal certified, which means that they are biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe for every inch of your home.

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