Five Ways to Go Green for the Everyday Family

You can decide to go green and protect the environment by incorporating these five easy steps into your lifestyle. The news about the environment may be depressing, and experts may be warning about a dire future, but if we all work together to make small changes in our routines, we can make a seriously positive impact in our planet’s future! The problems may seem overwhelming, but it’s important for to remain optimistic so that we can all work together to create a healthier, greener future.

Going “green” or being “eco-friendly” can conjure up ideas of composting, making your own soap, and biking everywhere – while these are all great steps, not everyone has the ability to successfully incorporate these methods into their everyday lives. Families with young kids and long commutes can’t use bikes to get the morning routine done and composting isn’t always possible depending on the community you live in.

Maid Right believes that in order to save the planet, everyone needs to be able to get involved – that means there are simple ways that the everyday family can do their part.

Reduce your disposable plastic

Do this experiment: take one hour and try not to use anything that is made of disposable (single-use) plastic. It’s hard, right! Our lives are so integrated with disposable plastic that we don’t even notice how much we use! Everything from our toothbrushes to the ways we pack our snacks for kids throughout the day are plastics that don’t ever fully degrade and will continue to pollute our planet for a millennia. Plastic that breaks down in the ocean becomes “microplastic,” pieces of plastic that are less than 5 mm long and can become part of the food cycle. According to The Guardian, studies have shown that humans ingest up to 50,000 pieces of microplastic a year.

An easy way to cut down on microplastics is by reducing your use of plastics in the first place. These are some creative ways to cut down on plastic use plus, in the long-run, they’ll save you money!

  •  Bring your own reusable bags when you go grocery shopping. Keep them in your car so you never don’t have the option to use them!
  • Instead of bagging your produce in the thin plastic baggies at the store, opt for reusable mesh bags.
  • Invest in a bento box to pack your children’s lunches. These cute lunchboxes have reusable containers for everything from their sandwich to their pretzels.
  • Plastic plates can be a great timesaver but find an alternative! Try biodegradable paper plates or bring in Maid Right backup to get your dishes done (and the kitchen too!) when you’re overwhelmed.
  • BONUS: For the very committed, consider switching to bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic ones! They’re sanitary and biodegradable.

Moderate the thermostat

One of the subtle ways you may not realize you are hurting both the environment and your wallet is through unnecessary heating and cooling. According the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save up to 10% on your heating and cooling bill by setting your thermostat back 7-10° from its normal setting during the day when you aren’t home. That’s a huge savings for very little work on your end!

The same is true even when you are in the house – adjusting the temperature just a couple degrees can make a huge difference. Wear sweaters inside during the winter and sleep with just a sheet during the summer. Trying to limit excessive use of the heating or cooling can pay off big time in protecting the environment.

Skip the Styrofoam

Seriously, this is a killer for the environment! Next time you go out to dinner and don’t want to waste food (another great goal!) bring along your own Tupperware to put the leftovers in. It’s a win-win: the restaurant ultimately saves money on takeaway boxes, you use less disposable plastic, and other diners are inspired by your forward thinking. Keep the Tupperware with your reusable grocery bags to always have them on hand when in need.

This also goes for takeout – instead of having tons of plastic forks, separate Styrofoam containers and plastic lids, explain when you order that you’re bringing your own Tupperware. Restaurants won’t mind having your plates ready in the kitchen and then packing up the food in your containers. The satisfaction from saving the planet will be worth the slight extra effort.

Bye bye paper napkins!

Many of these tips also end up saving you money in the long-run and that’s because when you re-use things, you buy less and you save more. This tip follows that logic: say goodbye to paper napkins by switching to cloth! We suggest having a cute cubby near the dinner table with labeled slots for each family member’s napkin. After the meal, everyone puts their napkin in their assigned cubby and it’s ready for the next meal. Make sure to wash the napkins regularly, more if they are stained.

Keep your family & the environment healthy with Enviro-Mist!

Have you ever stopped to think about the chemicals that go into cleaning supplies? Does it worry you that your bottle of counter cleaner says “harmful if ingested?” Shouldn’t your home be cleaned with ingredients that will protect you?

An easy way to go green is to hire the cleaning company that cares for the environment just as much as you do. Maid Right uses eco-friendly products and a color-coded rag system to ensure that both your home and the environment are protected. This step is the easiest; all it takes is for you to call 855-MAIDRIGHT to schedule your free consultation today.

These five easy steps are for everyone and anyone who wants to step up and save our planet. Being eco-friendly and going green is totally doable with these five actionable steps. Make today the day you decide to become an eco-friendly partner to the planet – invest in some good Tupperware, use your cloth napkins and call Maid Right for an eco-friendly clean that protects both your family and the planet.