We are all guilty of letting house chores slide during the winter season. The Christmas season is jam-packed with family dinners, toys to wrap, and sidewalks to shovel. Inevitably, the thick layer of soap scum in the bathtub has nothing on the charred food at the bottom of the oven. With the dreary winter weather, it is understandable that you lack the gumption to deep clean your home. Thankfully, Maid Right offers recurring residential cleaning services to help you get the winter grime under control.

Little Goes a Long Way

An easy way to clean a house is to follow the 5-minute rule. Anything that requires less than 5 minutes of your time to clean should not be put off for later. You will thank yourself at the end of the week when the house is in a manageable state rather than a state of chaos. However, we understand that is not always possible if you have multiple kids in the home or other obligations. This is where the services of Maid Right come in handy. Our technicians can provide you with a free estimate on recurring cleaning services. Your home will never reach a state of chaos again with weekly cleanings by Maid Right.

Maid Right Shield – Latest in Disinfecting Technology

Our services go beyond what the average homeowner can perform on their own. Our experienced technicians have access to the Maid Right Shield disinfection system. The Maid Right Shield eliminates 99.99% of household germs and odor-causing bacteria. The Maid Right Shield performs a deep clean by accessing difficult-to-reach spaces in carpets and furniture. Not only will the Maid Right Shield eliminate viruses and bacteria at the time of the clean, but it will also continue to disinfect for 48 hours after our technicians leave.

Turn Spring Cleaning into Green Cleaning

The biggest pitfall of spring cleaning is introducing toxic chemicals into your home. When allergens are at an all-time high outside, the last thing you want to do is introduce additional chemical smells. Maid Right only uses certified Green Seal products that leave no chemical odors or residues. Using Green Seal-certified products is better for the environment and for your health.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate

Any homeowner looking for a spring refresh should contact Maid Right at (855) Maid Right for a free estimate. We can perform a one-time spring cleaning for you to hit all of the trouble areas. Alternatively, we can come back on a recurring basis to keep your home smelling fresh as a daisy.