The start of the school year is an exciting time. Schedules pick up rapidly as kids go back to school, make plans with friends, and participate in extracurricular activities. During the busy beginning of the school year, things can get left behind, lost, or forgotten around the house. This clutter makes a home feel disorganized, but it can be easily avoided by having kids take a few minutes every day to go around the house and pick up after themselves. Here is a list of tasks kids can complete in 10-15 minutes every day during the school year to help keep your home clean.


It can be easy to fall into the trap of allowing kids to leave things around the house during busy times of the day with the promise to pick them up later. Have kids take a couple of minutes every night to go through the house and put their belongings where they should be. The sweatshirt they left on the couch before field hockey can be hung up in the closet, the bag of chips on the counter can go back in the pantry, and backpacks can be lined up by the front door instead of taking up a seat at the table. Promote proactive cleaning so your home doesn’t get to the point where things are lost and the clutter feels overwhelming.


Kids can load dishes directly into the dishwasher after dinner. They can also help put food away and wipe down the table or counters to keep them clean. This simple chore will keep your kitchen in good condition to handle rushed breakfasts in the morning and snacks throughout the day.


Kids can be responsible for taking household trash out to the garbage and bringing garbage cans to the curb. This is a great partner chore, and younger children can help older children or parents by carrying the recycling bin. Kids who are not big enough to take household garbage out on their own can be responsible for collecting the trash from bedrooms and bathrooms.


This task may not need to be performed every day, but having kids take 5-10 minutes to sweep floors or dust a couple of times a week will keep surfaces clean and functional. Prioritize common areas such as the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. These spaces are used regularly and will benefit from a bit of daily attention throughout the week. To get kids more excited about performing these tasks, consider investing in cleaning tools like this mini broom and dustpan.

Ultimately, the primary goal of cleaning during the week is maintenance. Getting kids involved in upkeep will teach them to take responsibility for their role as a member of the family. For a deep, comprehensive clean, consider calling the cleaning professionals.

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