Spring will be here before you know it whether or not you schedule your spring to-dos around a groundhog’s shadow! Now is a great time to prepare for spring cleaning – despite Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of six more weeks of winter! Before scheduling with your house cleaner, do some spring cleaning planning to make the most of their time. The foundation to cleaning your home is organization. Have you ever noticed the more organized a room is, the easier it is to keep clean? Before you schedule your spring cleaning, invest some thought into organizing. Here are some tips from Maid Right on what to do before your house cleaner arrives.


By preparing your home before your house cleaner arrives, you’re also creating a space where you can relax and enjoy your home. Beyond assisting in spring cleaning, organization frees up your time, as well as your mind. Also known as “tidying”, organizing can significantly impact your lifestyle. Your environment affects both the practical aspects of your life, as well as the intangible aspects.

By taking a conscious approach to streamlining your home, you can save yourself both stress and time in the short and long term. When your house cleaner arrives to an organized space, they can focus on making your home sparkle and shine – rather than waste time on clearing clutter and finding a space for wayward objects.


In addition to organizing and decluttering your home in preparation for a deep spring cleaning, you can also take practical steps with your everyday life to free up the house cleaner to focus on making your home germ-free and sparkly clean:

  1. Write out instructions: If your requests become too complicated, your house cleaner may remember some tasks while forgetting others. Make a simple list if you think there are some items that you don’t think are obvious.
  2. Load your dishwasher: clear dirty dishes from the kitchen table and counter and load up your dishwasher. Your house cleaner can then get down to really cleaning rather than using up time on an everyday task.
  3. Load your washing machine: pick up laundry from around the house and start your wash. A deep spring cleaning may not involve laundry, and you’ll want to save your house cleaner time by clearing laundry from various spots around your home.
  4. Crate the dog and put the cat in a secure room: not only is it possible that your house cleaner is allergic to pets, but also they may be scared of animals. Plus, it’s hard to clean the pet hair if the pet is still running around.

Outsource your spring cleaning to Maid Right! Our top priority is your safety, satisfaction, and comfort. If you need a year-round cleaning service, the same cleaning team makes your home shine every time, helping you build trust with the cleaners. Allow us to mark off the task of spring cleaning for you and your family.

Need a hand with spring cleaning? A deep clean of your household by your local Maid Right can take this annual chore off your hands. You can also schedule cleaning service year-round. We will give you a home that you can trust will be completely spotless. Check out our services, or contact us today at 855-MAID-RIGHT, to jump-start spring with a fresh, sparkling home.