It’s that time of year when all the Christmas decorations come down, and everyone’s left with a list of cleaning to-dos to get back on track post-holiday season. Whether you were the lucky host for family gatherings, or you never found time to deep clean for the new year, Maid Right was created to give you the fresh start you need. We’re living in an age where cleaning and disinfecting are more important than ever before. As we all get adjusted to the new year, what’s a better way to kick off healthy habits than with a deep clean of your home?


With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to find disinfecting cleaners that get the job done while being non-toxic for the whole family. With the incorporation of green cleaning products and our MR Shield® odor and germ elimination system, you can rest assured that your home is germ-free and family-friendly. The best way to get on track for the new year is a home cleaning service that goes above and beyond. We perform a thorough disinfecting of all surfaces using our odor and elimination system that’s 99.99% effective at killing household germs. This is perfect for cold and flu season and a busy household full of children, pets, and visitors.


After the holidays, your home might be in desperate need of a deep clean that goes beyond a quick sweep. When’s the last time you cleaned your bedrooms, floors, bathrooms, baseboards, furnishings, fans, and other nooks and crannies that always seem to get forgotten? It might be easy to keep up with simple day-to-day chores, but over time that hidden dirt starts to reveal itself. That’s why Maid Right created a customizable cleaning plan that suits every household. To maintain a happy and healthy home, it’s important to deep clean periodically to prevent germs, dirt, debris, and product buildup. Our comprehensive cleanings protect you from harmful bacteria and improve air quality.


If you want to outsource your household cleaning, it’s important that you trust who you’re working with. It can be intimidating to leave your home in someone else’s hands. At Maid Right, you will have the same cleaning team every time you choose our services. This helps our customers build trust with cleaners and find security in people they recognize. Your safety, satisfaction, and comfort will always be a top priority.

You deserve to get back on your feet this New Year with a fresh start to your home environment. Many people are bombarded with busy to-do lists, careers, families, and not a lot of time to spend cleaning the house. You don’t have to feel weighed down by the endless tasks of your post-holiday home. Start the year the right way with Maid Right.

Whether you are looking for a one-time deep clean of your household, or a scheduled cleaning service year-round, Maid Right is here to take the chores off your hands. Check out our services, or contact us today at 855-MAID-RIGHT, to get started with a fresh, sparkling home.

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