Our Housekeeping Company’s Signature Clean® Services

At Maid Right® of Calgary, we aim for excellence with every visit. We achieve outstanding results every time using our Maid Right Signature Clean®, the principles and standards that define our company’s approach. With the benefit of Maid Right Signature Clean®, you’ll get customized services, a complete home cleaning, and a responsive, accountable team of cleaners. We intend to exceed your expectations every time – one of the reasons we’re the housekeeping company of choice for so many Calgary families.

A Personalized Cleaning Plan for Calgary

The right details can make all the difference. At Maid Right of Calgary, the detail-oriented approach is our specialty. As part of our Signature Clean® program, we’ll craft a cleaning plan that’s tailored specifically for your home. We’ll conduct an evaluation of your home and incorporate your input, drafting a room-by-room, floor-to-ceiling blueprint of our cleaning plan. If any appliances require in-depth cleaning or special treatment, we can easily accommodate. With this customized approach, you’ll always know what to expect from our services. It’s our way of making sure we get the details right with every visit.

Complete Cleaning Services for Your Home

A home simply isn’t clean until germs are eliminated. To keep your family safe and healthy, we use powerful cleaning products and technologies to scour your home and eliminate high percentages of germs and dirt. We’re the only housekeeping company in the Calgary area to use EnviroShield®, our patented cleaning agent that uses a revolutionary misting spray to wrap around and eliminate germs from all surfaces in your home. EnviroShield® is also used in day care centers, hospitals, and dental offices, so you know it’s highly effective on germs but non-harmful to your family. With our germ elimination services, you’ll always have the security of knowing that your home is safe, healthy, and truly clean.

An Owner-Led Housekeeping Company

It’s not enough to have the right tools – you also need the right team. That’s why one of the owner-operators of our housekeeping company will always lead your cleaning. For Calgary homes, one of our owner-operators will supervise every aspect of your cleaning for a higher degree of attentive service.  You will also have the same team of cleaners for each visit to your home. That way, they’ll be familiar with the unique cleaning needs of your space. It’s all part of our Signature Clean® brand standards, which is our way of staying accountable at all times.

With Maid Right of Calgary, it’s never been easier to find a housekeeping company. Set up a free estimate today by calling (403) 764-6243.